NYC FASHION WEEK F/W 2013: Kate Spade New York

Kate Spade New York's Fall Winter 2013/2014 collection is full of bright colors, black, and white. There is a nice mix between the playful cartoon images and graphic prints, and the sophisticated suiting. Kate Spade is most known for their handbags, which are a great compliment to the outfits. The shoes, clothing, and accessories are almost more exciting than the handbags, but this isn't a bad thing. An expensive handbag needs to be wearable for years, so something that isn't overly trendy is a nice one to have. The collection has great layering which is perfect for Fall and Winter. The tights and jackets are simple enough to be paired with the other outfits, which is nice to see. I used to dislike Kate Spade's designs, because I found them boring. Ever since Deborah Lloyd became the design director, it's been catching my eye and I've fallen in love with it.

Of all these great outfits, I have a few favorites. I love the 3rd outfit, with the layered cartoon t-shirt over the striped one, yellow mini skirt, taxi heels, blazer, and flower accessories. The outfit is actually something I plan on playing with using my own clothing. I love the layering of the t-shirts and the colorful skirt, though a black one would work well too. The blazer, though we don't see it on, helps make the outfit more sophisticated, but doesn't cover the playfulness. I love the quirky shoes. If you watch the 1st video at the end of this post, you will get a better look at them. The purse and bracelet, though also playful, doesn't overwhelm the playfulness of the outfit. Another favorite is the 7th look, with the graphic print long sleeved dress, taxi bag, polka dot stockings, and pink heels. I love the vintage yet modern style of this look. The print of the dress is small and of objects that remind me of Barbie accessories, which adds to the youthfulness. The accent colors pull from the print and add some sophistication. The bag is again very playful, but is grounded by the sophisticated stockings and shoes. A basic note on why I chose to share the 8th reminds me of Pee Wee Herman's suit, which makes me smile. My last favorite is the 9th look, with the pink, red, and black leopard print pants, long coat, layered shirts, black heels, black hat, pink gloves and bag. I love wearing bold printed bottoms. This print reminds me of lips, which the makes me want to buy some kiss print fabric and make the skirt in the 10th look. Since this print is so graphic and bold in style and color contrast, I love how the rest of the outfit pulls from the print, but in a simplistic way. The gloves and bag are of course, the same bright pink as the print, so they stand out the most. The subtle details of the layered shirts and long coat add nice design elements are also help ground the print a bit. The black heels and hat are classic accessories, but again help ground the print and also add more style elements. If I could have this outfit, I'd wear it often. This is a great styling to show how to wear printed pants without looking crazy. People, take note...if you wear crazy bottoms, keep the rest classic and tasteful. Overall this collection is one of my favorites. Even the outfits that I didn't share here (because they weren't as exciting to me, as the ones I chose) are great. To see the full presentation, you can watch the 1st video at the bottom of this post or see the photos here. Also, watch the 2nd video which shows how to recreate the very wearable makeup look.

To see the full presentation, watch the video here. It will give you an up close look at several outfits.

This video tutorial shows how to achieve the makeup look from the show, and has some info about the hair.


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