UPDATE: LoSP, Tutorials, and Fashion Weeks

Working on a few posts for tutorials, band costuming, and fashion weeks. I'll have a recap from the last band event up in the morning. We have two events next week, so there will be more posts about costumes and what not following those events. Next week, I'm making my own version of a galaxy print skirt...hand painted on a layered tulle skirt...which will have a tutorial up. I've also been sewing some tight knit mini skirts, so I'll have a tutorial up for those when I perfect the construction. I'm waiting for some runway videos to go up on YouTube, so I can make their related show review posts.

In a few weeks, I'm going on a week long vacation with my family. I'm not sure if that house has been upgraded with wireless internet or not, so I'll schedule some of the fashion weeks post for then too. While there, I'll be working on several projects. If I create anything that's easy to teach, I'll write related tutorials when I return from our trip. I'll be increasing the amount of tutorials I write, because you all seem to enjoy those. If you have any suggestions of things you'd like to see me make and write a tutorial on, or do a tutorial round up for, feel free to comment below.

I'll also have a beauty haul next week, as I've purchased a lot of makeup products recently, to do more dramatic and long lasting makeup looks. We have a band photo shoot coming up semi-soon, in relation to press needs for album releases, so I want my makeup to be flawless and photo ready. You'll see some of that tomorrow morning with the recap of my looks from the recent events.


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