TRAVEL: Massanutten Day 5

Thursday, I got everyone moving around early after breakfast. We walked around a portion of the golf course behind our house, until we got too cold. The golf course was still closed because of the snow, and we only came across one person in a golf cart, who was likely an employee. It was obvious that the deer were often behind our house (something we already knew), because that section of the course had a lot of deer dropping...which we had to dodge while walking up to the path. The view was gorgeous.

I changed into something warmer than the dress I had on, and we went shopping. We went to TJ Maxx and Plato's closet where I found nothing that I liked. We went to Ross, and I found a long black knit hi-lo skirt (which is super comfy and perfect for late Spring, Summer, and early Fall), a half sleeve fitted jersey black and white striped cardigan, and a white cotton sundress (which I want to dye black, and sew on colorful ribbons and embroidery). John and Alex both nixed the dress redo, and insisted I wear it white, which is fine. I love white dresses. My favorite ones need their straps repaired from a lot of wear. This one will at least need a flesh tone lining at the bust. I think that will be approved by my assistants... Still on the look out for a long black cotton tiered flares skirt for this redo. Likely, that will be an Ebay find...I've already been looking. Buying an existing one for this is cheaper than making my own...and takes less time for what will already be time consuming for adding the details.

After Ross, we went to The Little Grill Collective for lunch. They have a lot of vegan and vegetarian fresh foods, along with meat options. We each had something different from the vegetarian options, and all of it was delicious. We'd been eyeing these huge vegan cookies the whole time, as our waitress was busy making them when she wasn't tending to us. They were probably about 8" wide. We bought one for $2 to split between us. She offered to warm it up for us, to go. We accepted. It was scrumptious. I ate about half of the cookie.

I love watching the reflections of the passing objects on the car side and in the side mirror. I was trying to take a photo, but John turned to park. That worked out fine, as it gave me time to line up an optical illusion of sorts. More proof that good camera work will trump Photoshop and other photo editing tools, any day.

I had noticed that Noah had posted a photo of the amazing Richmond sunset, on Instagram. I decided to check out the sunset here, on our balcony. It was gorgeous, but not as pretty as the one Noah had captured.

We settled into the evening activities of video games. I played Raving Rabbits with Alex for a bit, until I got too tired. John took over for a bit. Then, Alex headed off to bed. I played Angry Birds and drank one glass of wine for a good portion of the evening. The Girl Scout cookies were beside me, in case I needed a snack. These are Savannah Smiles, lemon cookies. They are delicious! I bought the last two boxes from a troop of Girl Scouts, and two other kinds, before we left on our trip. After some video games, John went to take a bath, and I joined him for a bit. Then, I changed into pjs, finished my wine and played a few more levels of Angry Birds.

That was all for this day!


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