TRAVEL: Massanutten Day 3

On Tuesday, we woke up early to take a tour of new units, in exchange for a $100 Visa gift card. I had no interest in the new units, because nothing can compare to my parents' awesome original Massanutten unit. The sky was beautiful in the morning, and perhaps this segment is a bit skull like. After having breakfast and chatting with our guide, at the main building, we headed on the tour. I was only interested in the scenery and asking random questions about resort things I was curious about.

During the tour, we made a stop at the gift shop. There was a display of these yarn dolls, which we've come across in many travels for many years. John bought me these two Varua Good Spirit dolls. They are Casanova and Painted Lady. Since they both have a Spanish look to them, I thought they were a good pair. There were a lot of different variations available...more than I normally see from comparable doll companies. I can't find a good site for this company, so you can see what they have...darn. I'll add these to my mini dolls and monsters collection that sits on one bookshelf.

The tour dropped us back off at the main building. This building houses a pool, among other things, so we came prepared to go swimming after the tour. Alex and I went swimming for about 1.5 hours. John went to go work out for most of that time. During our swim, there was 10 minutes of adult swim! I chose to make Alex sit by our things on a lounge chair, while I floated around on my back for most of the 10 minutes. Floating with only 2 other adults (and no kids) in a large pool for 10 minutes is an amazing feeling. I haven't gotten to enjoy swimming like this since Alex was born. The windows behind me have an amazing view of the mountains and sky. Imagine watching that, floating in a pool. Yep, you get the idea.

When we got back to the house, we took Alex outside to make anything she wanted in the snow. She chose to make a snowman and snow piggy. Her, she is putting a face on the snowman. He also got antlers later. I walked around our backyard, and found two snow skulls. I'll share them on Skull-A-Day soon.

To warm up, I took a bath by myself, while drinking wine. My hair was looking wild and pretty before I bathed. I took this photo while waiting for the Jacuzzi to fill up. Since I didn't take a long bath and the water was still warm, I had Alex take a bath after me. She added more bath gel to the water. I didn't regulate the amount she added, so when I went in to turn the jets off, per her request, she was buried in bubbles. Don't worry, she was perfectly ok. The door was partially open, so I could listen to her, from a few feet away in the living room. She was happily talking and singing to herself the whole time.

Afterwards, we headed to dinner at Little Italy (a pizza place), and milkshakes at Kline's Dairy Bar. This is what Massanutten's mountain looks like when we're at the bottom. We also made a stop at Dollar General for goggles, and I bought a few things better travel razors, and some makeup that is name brand, currently being sold elsewhere, and normally more expensive everywhere else it's sold. I'll share those goodies in a haul.

After getting the milkshakes and a stop at Redbox, we headed back to the house to watch Cirque du Soleil: World's Away and go to sleep.


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