LoSP: Costume Peek and Cropped Jacket Creating

Yesterday, I go the urge to make a new costume piece to wear tonight. I've had this damaged pleather jacket laying around for a few years, so I chose to alter it into something Space Pirate worthy. 1st I did some major seam ripping to remove the separating zipper, so I could use it for a future project. Then, I cut off the bottom to my desired chest height. Next, I took chalk and sketched inside the jacket angles on each front flap that went from the sides to where the seam across the chest is. I cut that angle, leaving some to create a hem. I hemmed the jacket by hand, then decided it looked to rough, so I machine stitched on folded over strips of PVC fabric around the hem, opening and collar. I hand sewed some old silver skull buttons onto the front. These can be functional if I added elastic loops, but it looks fine open when I'm wearing it. I then decided it needed more flair, so I created skull epaulettes with black PVC, silver foil knit, and buckram. I stitched those onto the shoulders, leaving the mouth not stitched down. I added chain to the bottom of the mouth, under the epaulette, using strips of salvaged pleather fabric to hold the chains, and stitched the mouth down to the jacket, catching those chain strips as I went. Overall, I'm very happy with this jacket. I'll probably add something to the back at a later time...perhaps studded crossbones. For night, this will keep me warmer.

If you are interested to know what I'll be wearing tonight, check out the 1st photo. You can see the striped mini skirt and hair chains I recently made, and the long bustle and hair spikes that I made last year. I'm also going to wear a silk corset, a hammered metal necklace, skeleton thigh high socks, and black hidden platform boots (not pictured). I'll have more posts later this week or next for the makeup and full outfit on.


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