DESIGN PROCESS: Geometric Painted Pattern Mini Skirt

This week, I've altered an old white cotton knee length skirt into a mini skirt by flipping the hem of the skirt inside the skirt to create a self's more complicated than it seems. I've had the skirt for almost 10 years and never worn it. I bought it with the idea of painting it, but couldn't decided on a pattern. Lately, I've been really enjoying geometric tribal inspired prints, so I decided to create something similar on this altered skirt. I sketched out the design a little at a time with a pencil. I used acrylic paint + fabric medium and a small paint brush to paint over the drawn lines. I'm still working on painting this design repeated on the skirt. After I'm done with that tedious painting, I'll fill in the spaces with colored fabric paint. I haven't quite decided on colors yet. I'll get to that when the time comes. Here are some photos of the progress. The 1st one is the front of the skirt, almost finished. The bottom left photo shows the side. The bottom right photo shows the 1st two finished arches and some space filling triangles. Since this is a hand painted skirt, it's not going to be a perfect repeat, but that's ok with me. I put these photos on my Instagram. If you follow me there, you can see photos of my progress...and my I work.


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