DESIGN PROCESS: Adding Color to the Painted Mini Skirt

I've been tediously painting a mini skirt that I started last week. Friday, I added color (teal, royal blue, purple, and bright green) to the bottom 4 arches. Today, Monday, I added more color by finishing the top 3 arches, the filler band, the waist band, and the hem on the front of the skirt. I need to touch up the black in some sections, but that's a lot easier than adding color. If you aren't aware, I work from home, do this sort of work lounging on a couch (a chaise lounge style), and have 2 furry companions that keep me company all day (Pippi the grey cat and Sophie the tuxedo cat). Tomorrow, I hope to make a lot of progress on the back and sides. This is a tedious, but not difficult painting process. I spent about 7-8 hours painting today, in which I accomplished a lot of work. So far, I've spent 4 days on this project. I have a lot more project ideas popping up in my head, but I want to get this massive (not in size mind you, it's a mini skirt) project done 1st...sigh. I might slip in a shorter project in between as a break from painting. I'll eventually make a tutorial worthy project to show a similar design...thinking a handbag would be easiest to show. Anyway, moving onto the photos of the progress.

FRIDAY = 1st arch done, more progress on the bottom arches while the kitties sleep by my legs (well Sophie is ON my legs), and the finished 4 arches...all in a day's work.

MONDAY = The rainbow of paint I had by this afternoon, a break for Sophie to inspect my work, all colors added but yellow, and the completed front.

OVERALL = To give an idea of all the work on the front...from line work to finished color.

There is a lot more work to go, which means few more updates with progress.


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