SEWING: Fitted Knit Reversible Skirts

Today I've been working on making some reversible skirts using up some of the massive stash of knit fabrics I have. Last night I started making a black and white striped mini skirt. I finished it up today by tweaking the shaping and adding a lining which actually makes the skirt reversible. The black and white fabric was basically a swim fabric and super delicate...which I didn't realize until I noticed runs at the top. I fixed them the best I could by cutting off a strip with the most runs in it, which made the skirt sit low on my waist, but solved the problem. The black fabric is a thin soft jersey knit. It's a great match for the thin striped fabric. This particular skirt is to be worn for our Book and Record release party next Thursday at Balliceaux. I've wanted to make a striped skirt for a long time, so this is a perfect reason to actually make one. I'll post photos of the full outfit after the event.

I don't work with knits often, so this is definitely a learning experience for me. Once I've made a few skirts in this style, I'll write a nice tutorial on how to make a basic one yourself. Besides this basic very style, I'm also making a few embellished ones. I hope to be able to add those instructions too if those go well.

Hey it's a photo of my butt...and what a mighty fine butt it is.

Other than this skirt, I worked on a black stretch velvet and thick black jersey skirt. Here is a list of other reversible jersey knit combinations I have planned...

  • Black and grey stripes with solid grey
  • Red knitted smocking with solid red
  • Eggplant purple with olive green
  • Teal with navy

Getting fancier I planning on doing some more difficult skirts too, but in the same sort of fitted shape. These are some ideas I've wanted to do for a while. 
  • Black Fishnet with solid black jersey
  • Silver Foil stretch with solid black or grey jersey
  • Solid black jersey with a scale pattern sewn on using circles of black woven back faux snake foil fabric
  • Solid grey jersey with that same scale pattern, but with silver woven back foil fabric

I'll post plenty of finished photos, which might include more butt shots, but definitely some flat skirt photos, so you can see the shape.


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