Anne Sofie Madsen's Fall Winter 2013 Collection is dark and creepy...but you know I love both of those things. The graphic faces remind me of ancient monsters. The use of furs and leathers helps add to the animalistic feel of the collection. I've chosen a few pieces of the collection to share, but if you would like to see the full collection, go here. At the bottom of this post, you can watch an interview with the designer about her inspiration for the collection. Of all these great pieces my favorites are the 10th look. I like the perforated crop top layered over the white shirt and textured skirt. I'm a bit in love with layering crop tops. The perforating of this fabric is a great way to make it seem lighter and give it some interest, while allowing the white shirt to show more underneath. The texture of the skirt makes an otherwise plain cut of skirt, tactile. My other favorite is 14th look with the etching like monster design down the front of the knitted dress. I love this old style of artwork used in an unexpected way. Which every piece you like, be sure to check out the full show. If there is a good video of it, I will update this post to include it at the bottom.

To find out Anne Sofie Madsen's inspiration, watch this interview.


  1. Oh wow! That is a fantastic collection...I wonder how I managed to miss that one?

    1. There were only a small amount of collections shown in Copenhagen, so I missed it too until I was looking at NYC fashion week photos on


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