BERLIN FASHION WEEK F/W 2013: Lena Hoschek

Lena Hoschek's Fall Winter 2013 Collection is influence by Spanish clothing in the 1950s with some punk styling elements that include fishnet stockings (mostly ripped), ripped jeans, and heavy boots. I really love this country and time period for fashion influence. Lena has a good eye for fabrics and cuts from the 1950s, as she specializes in vintage inspired clothing. I like the punk styling add some edge to many of these otherwise very feminine looks. It's rare that I find a collection that reflects my style preferences, and love so much of it.

Of all these great outfits, I have a few absolute favorites. The 2nd dress has a great bustline that would flatter someone like me with a small bust. The cut of the dress accents the waist and flairs out from the hips to knees, which would visually make a thin figure more curvy, which I always love in dresses. The polka dot print in a classic, so a dress like this could be timeless. The scalloped details do have a Spanish influence and add to the femininity of the dress. My next favorite is the 3rd look, which is a cream lace dress with a large floral cluster belt and a lace collar. I love the volume and details of this dress. The dress alone without the belt is stunning, but the belt adds to the Spanish influence of the collection. I love this color of lace and am a little obsessed with wearing cream colors. I have very pale skin, but to me it works well. My next favorite is the 5th look, which is a black lace maxi dress with a coordinating full slip. This is a lot of lace, but with the cut and length of this dress it has a nice movement and sensuality about it. I have several lace dresses, and would wear them every day if I could. Since this is a sleeveless dress, to warm it up, you could add a great velvet long jacket that compliments the curves of the body. My next favorite it the 15th look, a gold lace dress. I'm not normally a fan of gold anything, but this color of gold is really beautiful. With it being a lace dress, it reminds me of gold leafing which adds to the elegance. Like the black lace dress, I love the cut and length for the same reasons. It's a very sensuous dress, that definitely would be an attention grabber, in a great way. My next favorite is the 31st outfit which is a dark floral dress with a white lace collar. Florals and lace are a favorite combination of mine. I love that the style of this dress isn't too girly where the floral and lace are too much together. This dress has almost a 90s feel to it which is heightened with the knee high red boots. I want those boots. I rarely find a pair of colored boots that I love, but these are gorgeous and compliment the red in the dress well. My last favorite is the 35th look, which is a dark floral dress with a bright floral shawl. The styling of this dress is very Spanish with the use of the floral shawl. I love the classic red flowers on the back background, which makes this dress a piece that could be worn for years without looking dated. This is a great style dress for cold weather, as it provides great coverage for warmth. The styling with the matching boots adds to the warmth, but also makes the floral look less precious. Overall this is a fantastic collection, and as you can read, I have many favorites. I've selected multiple pieces to share with you here, but to see the full collection, watch the runway show at the bottom of this post.

To see Lena Hoschek's full runway show, watch this video.


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