Dimitri's Fall Winter 2013 collection is filled with beautiful blues and cool toned neutrals. I love the range of rich shades of blue, which are tied in with the artistic prints. The range of cuts and styles of clothing broadens the wearablity of the collection. I love seeing a cold weather collection that is actually fit for cold weather. This one has thick knits, furs, leathers, and wools. I prefer non-animal materials, which can be suitable effective alternatives. The styles range from casual with graphic leggings and comfy tops, to dressier with pretty skirts and dresses in comfortable fabrics, to formal gowns in chiffons and fringe, which again extends the wearablity of the collection.

Overall the collection is beautiful. Of all these great pieces, I have a few favorites. The 11th look is all blue, but upon 1st glance you might not see it as that way. The navy coat and bag, though different shades, work as neutrals which help ground the color, in combo with the black (but they might be darker navy) tights. The royal blue turtle neck isn't so bright that it detracts from the outfit. The star of this look is the artistic graphic print skirt which incorporates multiple shades of blue, bringing the whole outfit together. The shoes are a nice punch of bright blue, and the bold necklace pulls from the skirt design. It makes me want to rethink the color groups in my wardrobe to see what sort of matching outfit I can style. My other favorite is the 22nd look which features a artistically graphic print dress, paired with navy tights and cream shoes. The print reminds me of H. R. Giger's artwork which has deeply shaded architectural and industrial details. Though his work is in grey scale, this colorful design works well. The lines of the print give the illusion of a pleasingly curved body shape. Since this dress is so bold, pairing it with solid simple accessories is best. I really love how this collection works together and is cohesive. I've selected many pieces to share, but head to the bottom of this post to watch the runway show.

To see Dimitri's full runway show, watch this video.


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