BERLIN FASHION WEEK F/W 2013: Augustin Teboul

Augustin Teboul's Fall Winter 2013 collection is very dark and gothic, which isn't a surprise since Germany has a large gothic scene. There is a creepy elegance to the layers. Unlike many gothic looks that I tend to see, these feel very "grown up" and depending on how you style them, more wearable. Of these few selected pieces from the collection, my favorite is the 3rd look, which is a lace gown. I'm a lace addict. I love the sensuous beauty of the fabric. It reminds me of delicate spider webs and vintage clothing. With this dress, I'd wear a full slip and long elegant coat for practical and more demure reasons.

Though I've selected a few pieces to share here, to see the full collection in motion and some behind the scenes footage, watch the video.


  1. I did a post on this collection myself a few weeks back. I love every single bit of it, especially all the lace that is going on.

    1. The lace pieces are my favorites. I'm a little obsessed with lace. I'm glad it's a popular fabric for several collections, because I'm hoping to get some new pieces when the Fall items come out in shops! It also makes me want to crochet my own lacy skirt!


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