ARTWORK: Captured Fairy and Galaxy Pendant

While I'm working on projects, I'll commonly use my Instagram to quickly document the process. While I sacrifice some quality of the images, I am easily able to quickly share the work. This is a bit of an Instagram image round up of the pendant I worked on today. I had purchased this diamond teardrop double sided pendant a few months ago and frankly had forgotten about it until recently. I decided to play with it today and create a watercolor painting to go inside it. I chose to make a captured fairy design on one side and a galaxy design on the other. For the fairy, I used an India ink pen, watercolor paints, and salt (for the background effect). For the galaxy I used very wet watercolor paints and salt, so the colors would blend into each other nicely, and to create a depth of stars.

The fairy inside and outside of the pendant. This was an odd shape the work with, but a design challenge that I took on with pretty nice results. This style of artwork is actually one I've done for many years and a natural style for me. The small scale is semi-new, but still a challenge every time I use it.

Here is the India ink drawing before I painted it in. After I painted it, I went back over the image with the India ink pen.

Here is the back of that image (same piece of paper since it's thick watercolor paper) with the galaxy design. The left photo is the paint with the salt on it. The salt distorts the colors and gives the same effect that you see in the grey background of the fairy. The left image is with the salt rubs off easily to reveal the effect...and watercolor paint splattered on it for stars. The colors are better in person, but you get the idea.

I'll do a few more similar roundups in the future of various projects. I'm gradually working on painting various images for pendants to sell. I'll update my blog with images and info, when those are ready.


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