TUTORIALS ROUND-UP: 48 Lace Accessories

I've always loved the classic luxury of lace. It's very feminine, delicate, and beautiful. This fabric is currently a hot trend, but I've worn it for years. Though I'm a fan of wearing a lot of lace clothing, some people without lace in their existing wardrobes or don't enjoy being overly girly, might be more comfortable with just a few lace accessories. Using accessories within a broad trend, is an easy way of wearing a trend without spending a lot of money. Since this fabric is very classic and therefore easily found at fabric and craft stores, it's perfect of DIY accessories. Today, I'm sharing a large roundup of lace jewelry, hair accessories, bags, scarves, and shoes. Most of these projects are beginner to intermediate level, with little to no previous DIY accessory experience needed. Some of these require a knowledge of crochet, and sewing. If you've been following me for a while, you know I prefer sewing to gluing fabric projects. However, many of these work perfectly fine with the recommended glues. When it comes to glue, the stronger the bond, the better. Ok, on with the tutorials.

The 1st place I look at a person is their face. If they are wearing an interesting necklace, they are more likely to catch my eye than someone without one. That being said, I don't always wear necklaces. I think of jewelry as wearable art, and necklaces can easily be a large piece of wearable jewelry art. If you want a specific pattern for a doily, check out these crocheted doily patterns to make your own.

1) A Matter of Style used multiple pieces of lace appliques to create this Neon Lace Necklace.
While I'm not a fan of neon, I do love this construction. The lace can be left white, or painted any color. Don't let the neon color put you off from seeing how she made it!

2) Glamour and Grace used lace trim, paint, and metal findings to create Ombre Lace Jewelry.
She made both necklaces and earrings by cutting appart the lace trim designs. Instead of Elmer's glue to stiffen the lace, try Stiffy or Mod Podge Hard.

3) Vermont Vows created Doily Necklace using a lace doily that had a nice curved shape.
Doesn't this look like a skull or an owl when it's done. Maybe I just see that.

4) Carry On... Carry On... made a Lace and Chain Necklace using well lace and chain.
I've always loved the juxtiposition of hard and soft elements in fashion design. These two materials are delicate in their own ways, so combined they don't lose that factor.

5) Little Miss Momma went more 3D and created a Lace Flower Necklace.
This is a great use of stiffer eyelet lace trim. This can be made with either sturdy glue or stitches.

6) Sweetened Style encased a piece of lace to create a Lace Pendant Necklace.
If you want a subtle hint of lace in a necklace, make this one. You get a lot of shiny metal, with a touch of frilly lace.

The eyes are the windows to the soul...or so the saying goes. Either way, framing your face with a pretty pair of earrings can go a long way into getting someone to gaze into your soulful eyes. These earrings are created with either pre-made or crocheted lace. You can apply the general design looks to either type of lace.

7) Meet.Make.Laugh made some Lace Jewelry as a group project.
The image is just a hint at what fabulous lace jewelry piece they made. Click the link to see the necklaces too!

8) Mayra's Creations made some Lacy Circular Crocheted Earrings.
When ever I see tiny circular crocheted pieces like this, I think of snowflakes. Which reminds me, check out these crocheted snowflake patterns for earring inspiration.

9) The Cupcake Diary used lace trimming and a little crafting ingunity to create Lace Earrings.
These are big and beautiful, but the techniques would work with smaller lace pieces too.

10) Bats in My Belfry created these delicate Crocheted Teardrop Earrings.
They call them teardrops, but they also remind me of flower petals. These would be beautiful in any color!

11) Living the Craft Life stitched these Crocheted Chandelier Earrings.
I love seeing a different take on chandelier earrings. Instead of beads, these are made with crochet thread.

12) Destination Cute covered two buttons with lace to make Lace Stud Earrings.
If you've been sewing for a long time, you likely have a button stash. Use lace to cover some of your random buttons...perhaps two with no mates, but are similar colors and sizes. This would work with any thin fabric too.

Though I don't wear rings while crafting (not even my wedding or engagement rings), I do occasionally slip on a decorative ring when leaving the house. These lace rings are delicate and light weight. Perfect for adorning fingers.

13) Morning by Foley made A Ring of Lace using a very delicate lace trim.
She used a fabric hardener to secure the ends and stiffen the lace. Since the lace is so thin, I recommend stitching the ends together before stiffening the ring.

14) Yellow Spool cut apart a doily to make two Doily Rings.
With this concept, one doily can make several rings...or maybe a necklace, earrings, and a ring.

15) Stepping Through Crazy made a Lace Ring from a Doily.
She used a scalopped doily and a bit of elastic cord to make the stiffened lace ring fit well. Very smart!

16) Mayae on Crochet Today calls her crocheted lace ring pattern "Ring Around the Rosy".
This design reminds me of the doily rings, but since it's a crocheted ring, you won't have to worry about fraying edges. Also, the use of silver crochet thread gives it a nice sparkle!

17) Nerble Crochet used a small crochet hook and crochet thread to make a Crocheted Star Ring.
Other than a star, this reminds me of a flower. It would look great with a contrasting center to the petals.

18) Yellow Bird, Yellow Beard wound a strip of lace to make a Lace Rosette Ring.
The nice thing about lace fabric, like the one she used, is that is rarely frays. This makes the raw edges nice with leave un-treated.

In addition to rings, I also don't wear bracelets while I craft or type. They always get in the way of work. However, when I go out for fun, I do like to slip on a nice statement bracelet. I love the restrictive and weighted feeling on my wrists.

19) You want to buy me that? stiffened lace with startch to create Lace Bracelets.
She secured the ends with glue, but you could easily stitch the trim instead. She shows that multiple styles of bracelets can be made with this same technique. I love the ribbon one...you could stack these up!

20) Runway DIY created Golden Lace Cuff with some wide lace trim, stiffener, and gold paint.
If you don't like gold, try a different metallic. You could even do a metallic ombre.

21) Linda in Lalaland made Lace Cuff Bracelets using matching lace appliques, bra straps, and hand stitching.
I love that these are different than the other lace bracelets. The use of appliques like this is brilliant.

22) French Wedding Style was inspired by wedding jewelry to create a Beaded Lace Cuff.
This one does require some previous experience with hand sewing and beading. I love how intricate the cuff looks with the beading being added to the lace trim piece. It makes you look at lace trims differently.

23) One Pearl Button shared both Leather and Lace Bangles creations.
Wrapping the wooden bangle with silk (or any solid fabric) covers the texture and color of the bangle, and adds softness. Since lace is shear, unless you want to wood to show through, you need that 1st layer of wrapping. This would look great without the silk too. Think about staining or painting the wood bangle, for some contrast behind the lace overlay.

24) The Tootsie Wootsie made a Lace Bangle using a wide wooden bangle base, and sheer fabrics that matched the wood color.
I love the creamy combination of the three materials...wood, chiffon, and lace. Since the fabrics are sheer, this is a good way to play with contrast and color layering, which could give the lace a stained glass look.

I don't always remember to put on jewelry (or I just get too lazy to mess with it), but I will always slip on a hair accessory. I make hair accessories for myself, and to occasionally sell. There is just something about a hair accessory that can make even a bad hair day better. They don't have to be frilly, but they give me a bit of glamour that I need daily. The last two tutorials in this section suggest glue for construction, but you can definitely stitch them instead, which will probably last longer and look neater.

25) Ave Renee made a Simple Lace Headband by stitching a hair elastic loop to a piece of lace.
You can sew this by hand or by machine. The more stitches, the better, so the lace stays attached when you stretch the loop.

26) A Beautiful Mess made a Triple Lace Headband by making three pieces of lace ribbon merge into one ribbon towards the back. It reminds me of Roman hair styles.

27) Flax and Twine created Lace Headband by backing a piece of white lace ribbon with a piece of blue felt. This is a great way to have a subtle contrasting headband.

28) Beauty Gazette made Lace Headpiece inspired by the one she wore for her wedding.
This one is super simple! She used bobby pins to attach small applique pieces to her hair. I love organically styled hair accessories!

29) Shanty 2 Chic created a No Sew Lace Bow with lace hem facing and glue.
I'm not a fan of glue, but love stitching. If you want to keep this No Sew, but a little cleaner at hiding the glue, use a non-see through ribbon to do the center part. This will hide the glue better than lace.

30) Jax Avery of Aly and Ash made a Little Lace Flower with lace trim, felt, a decorative brad, and hot glue. I love a good flower hair accessory. Though I would stitch the lace down for better security, hot glue will work for something temporary. If you don't have decorative brads, stitch on a button or large bead to the center. It will give the same effect.

I love the antique and vintage feel of lace adorned bags. They make me think of historical movies based on Jane Eyre novels, Mori Kei, Dolly Kei, and tea parties. Most ladies have an old bag laying around that could use a sprucing up. Keep in mind with these tutorials that even if lace isn't your thing, you can use these techniques for other fabrics, trims, and ribbons.

31) Because She Started Knitting made a Refashioned Straw Bag by adding three different lace trims to it with hot glue. Straw bags already have a vintage feel, so the lace just adds to that aesthetic.

32) Being Zhenya made over a tote bag into a Lace Shoulder Bag.
You can use pre-made lace, or you can crochet your own lace edging. For this bag, I sort of like the various pastels of lace, because the different styles of lace stand out well. You can surely make one with all the same colors and/or type of lace, if you wish.

33) A Beautiful Mess transformed a plain vintage breifcase into a Lace Breifcase.
She added the lace to the breifcase fabric using a heavy duty glue. She used wood glue, which I'm not sure how well that bonds fabrics, but E6000 should do a great job for this project.

34) Mary's Meanderings created a Leather and Lace Purse by adding lace and doilies to old leather purses with Fabri-Tac. This same technique can be used for other fabrics too.

35) By Wilma added lace to a thrift store found purse to make a Vintage Lace Purse.
Most of the bags you will find at thrift stores have seen some heavy use, so adding lace or any other fabric to them is a great way to give them a spruced up look.

36) Silva Landman for Kreinik on Fave Crafts crocheted Silk Lace Bag.
This is definitely a fancy lace bag and great for those of you who really enjoy the frilliness of lace. This is a bag that I might attempt to make, just because I like frilly things...not because I actually NEED another bag.

Here in Virginia, we are getting very cold to mildly cold weather. Lace or lace adorned scarves a great way to keep your neck a little warmer in this in-between weather.

37) A Beautiful Mess sewed a Ruched Lace Scarf.
Ruching is an easy way to give any fabric more texture and interest. By ruching lace, she gives the thin fabric more body and warmth.

38) Beverley's transformed a plain piece of lace into a Vintage Lace Scarf.
She tea dyed the lace strip and embellished it, to give it the vintage feel she was going for.

39) Ruffles and Stuff made a "All the Trimmings" Scarf, by using well a lot of lace trims.
I love the use of different types of lace trims. I could easily see this scarf backed with a large piece of lace fabric, just to keep the lace theme going, so it looked lacy on both sides.

40) Sea lo que sea created a Lace Tipped Scarf.
A little bit of lace can go a long way. Lace isn't the warmest fabric on it's own, so combining it with a warmer jersey fabric is a smart way to warm it up.

41) Dreams to Do stitched up a Jersey Lace Infinity Scarf.
Infinity scarves are a great style of scarf that has been around for years. They, by design, can look like an endless loop of fabric and froth. I like that the lace breaks up that look a bit.

42) Sweet Verbena sewed a Single Loop Infinity Scarf.
This one is a super simple, almost reversible, take on an infinity scarf. I love that she stitched a lace strip to a backing fabric strip, and connected the two ends, to make the loop. She used a silky grey fabric, which is fine for semi-cool climates, but for colder climates try fleece or velvet.

Ending this lace filled round-up, I found three great shoe tutorials. Four more lace adorned tutorials can be found on this shoe tutorial round up.

43) Carry On...Carry On... created Lace Applique Pumps.
She glued on lace appliques to a pair of fabric pump style shoes. Any strong fabric glue will so. I've been told that there will be an E6000 spray glue soon. That will work fantastic with this project!

44) A Focused Bride transformed a pair of plain shoes for a bride into fabulous Lace Shoes.
I love DIY wedding things, so this one takes the cake (the wedding cake). These are very intricate, but definitely worth the time to make them.

45) A Reason to be Fabulous made a pair of Lace Covered Heels.
I wanted to include these, because having completely lace covered shoes is the most traditional way to go. She used peep toe heels, but any style heel, wedge, or flat will do fine.

That is all for this round up. This is my largest one yet, but is filled with so much creative goodness, that I couldn't resist putting it together. I hope these tutorials have inspired you to create something lacy yourself!

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  1. What a great round-up! Thanks for including my necklace tutorial!

    1. Thanks for making such a beautiful necklace. It's on my "to make" list!


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