OOTD: Winter Wonderland

Last night, we finally got snow. This morning, we had sun and it all started melting. So it goes with most times we get a light dusting of snow. My daughter decided that she NEEDED to go out it in IMMEDIATELY after she woke up. I indulged her for a bit...but really didn't want to get hit with melting snow falling from the trees. I decided to make do and dress ridiculously inappropriate for snow. I've been looking for an excuse to wear as much beige and cream in one outfit as possible. White snow + pale clothing = Winter Wonderland outfit...yeah, we'll go with that.

As you can see, I have on multiple layers. As far as I can recall, all of my layers are from TJ Maxx, Marshall's, and Rugged Warehouse...all post boutiques and department stores, shops. For my tops, from the outer layer to inner, I have on a lace cardigan that is clasped with a small snowflake brooch, a lace detailed jersey knit tiered vest with a rope tassel belt, a long sleeve lace blouse with ruffle sleeves, and an oatmeal colored tank with lace and velvet ribbon trims (but it's hidden under the other layers). 

The lace maxi skirt I'm wearing is very sheer, even though it has a thin cotton lining. I normally wear a white slip with it, but since I was putting thick leggings under it, I didn't feel the need to put a slip on just for the photos. The knit leggings I'm wearing are lined with fleece, which are very nice to wear on cold days! The boots are from Candies. Since they have rubber tread on the bottoms, they are great for snow. They do have a chunky platform heel, so they aren't totally ideal for snow, but they work fine in it, and are tall enough to make the skirt not drag.

I made this giant white hair flower many years ago, when I 1st started making my own floral hair accessories. It's large and cumbersome. I need to take it apart and re-make it so it's less wobbly. However, it works for this photo. I have a black hair comb in my hair, under the hair flower. I wanted the flower would stay still better, by clipping it to my hair and the plastic comb after the comb was in my hair.

The necklace is made with faux pearls that dangle from a chain. I bought this years ago when "cluster necklaces" were popular. It reminds me of snowballs, so I put it on. 

If we had a harder snow. I would have been wearing something more utilitarian. Since we had a light snow, that was melting on our heads, as photos were being taken, I wore something more fanciful. My lovely daughter took all the photos. Sorry for the weird squinty look on my face, but I had woken up about an hour before and the sun was shining in my eyes, reflecting from the white snow.


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    1. Thanks Regina! Sometimes, I just want to pack on the frill. It oddly worked well this time!

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    1. Thanks! Now I know to break out the lacy stuff more often for you all!


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