OOTD: Vintage Burgundy and Black Betsey Johnson

Since I've been sharing and styling the burgundy color trend most of the week, I decided it was time to break out a vintage Betsey Johnson burgundy velvet dress I haven't worn until today. Over it, I layered a vintage Betsey Johnson black velvet coat. I LOVE velvet, and that's no secret. It's traditionally a Winter fabric, but you know I'm not a traditional lady. I wear velvet year round. This black coat has seen some year round wear. Both the dress and jacket button fully. The dress has white pearlescent faceted buttons. The jacket has tiny black faceted buttons and lace down the front. The dress has short butterfly sleeves which fit nicely under the puffed shoulders of the coat. Around the necklace, hem, and cuffs of the coat is the same black fine small lace as the front. There is a split in the back of the coat which also is trimmed with that lace. I bought the dress and coat separately on Ebay a long time ago. They are both vintage pieces, probably from the early 90s.  I'm not sure if that's technically "vintage", but they aren't openly available any more, so let's go with "vintage" because I said so.

On my feet I have on black faux suede hidden platform booties. These are inspired by Jeffrey Campbell's Lita bootie. Jeffrey's are made of real suede and are expensive. Faux suede is my preference anyway, because they are easier to care for and less expensive. I got mud on these while walking in my squishy front yard. I can easily wipe those clean with a damp soapy washcloth without damaging the fabric. Inside the boots, I have on short socks and Dr. Scholl's gel inserts. Heels might look nice, but they can be painful without proper insoles. I use a full one over a small one for heels that goes at my toe area. Works great! These boots are from Boots2Shoes.

It's hard to see, but I have on black baroque floral net patterned stockings. These are full stockings that I purchased on Ebay months ago. I forget which seller I bought them from, but there are several shops that carry them.

I have long hair that is about mid-back. It's multiple tones of red. I divided my hair into two equal pigtails, and braided each one separately from the back of my head, securing only the ends with black hair elastics. I wrapped each pigtail, crossing in the back, to the top of my head. I used several black bobby pins to secure the braids along the sides and top of my head. The tips of the braided pigtails crossed at the top of my head, where I secured them with crossed bobby pins. On the top of my head and the crossed tails, I clipped a black hair flower. On either side of that flower, I clipped in two black and silver flowers under the braid. I made all 3 of the hair flowers. I prefer to wear separate flowers instead of a set cluster or crown of flowers, so I can easy arrange them all at my will and wanted colors. I set everything with a fine coat of Aquanet hairspray...it's cheap and it works well enough for this. This hair style is inspired by Frida Kahlo's hair and flower crowns.

Today, I decided to wear earrings...might as well get fully fancy. I have 3 pairs of earrings. The 1st pair are grey metal dangle earrings with small skulls hanging in the openings. I don't recall where I bought these many years ago. The 2nd pair are grey teardrop stones earrings. The stones are probably plastic or glass. I bought them at CVS years ago during the Winter holidays season. The 3rd pair are round faceted plastic studs. I bought them in a large multi-pack at Glitter in a local mall.  Yes, I do like to wear large studs in my cartilage piercings. I have large ears, so I can wear it easily. While I generally like the look of them, some people get freaked out and think I have punched or stretched cartilage, like some lobes are.

Though I have a large chest piece tattoo, I still love wearing necklaces. This one is from Target. I bought it about a year or more ago.

I did my makeup today! I know that excites you...it does, admit it. On my eyes, I have on Champagne eyeshadow from Cover Girl, Bulletproof eyeshadow from Sugarpill, black liquid eyeliner from Rimmel London, and black Naturally Glossy mascara from Clinique. On the rest of my face I have on, Dramatically Different moisturizing lotion from Clinique, stick concealer from NYC, loose powder in translucent neutral from Clinique, taupe eyeshadow from NYX (contour) and champagne eyeshadow from Cover Girl (highlight). I didn't put any lip product on since I was headed to dinner. I'm still new to contouring, and trying a few different things that work well with my pale skin. My cheeks are naturally rosy, so blush looks odd on me. I might like it one day, but I don't foresee that happening any time soon. I could use something to reduce puffiness and wrinkles...but that's for a different day.

Besides wanting to show you an outfit using burgundy, I dressed up for dinner with my husband. We went to Mexico, a Mexican restaurant...which probably isn't a surprise. My lovely husband took this photo.

Our lovely daughter helped me by taking most of the photos. I took the head shot, because she is too short to get a nice one. She's still learning about photography, but did pretty good for a kid. It was about 4pm when we did the outside photos, so the sun was harsh on my pale skin...but you get the idea. My hubby took the last one. I might do another OOTD this weekend. We will see...


  1. I love your dress it's vey beatifull

    I'm a follower of Spain


    1. Thank you! I like getting to talk to my followers. I subscribed to your blog too.

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    1. That's gorgeous!!! You're very talented! I'd love to see what you wear it with.


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