OOTD: Lace Layers

Today, I met up with my best friend, her daughter and her dad to go play on the playgrounds behind her house. Knowing that they would be sturdy swings that I could easily swing on, I wore something that would work for swinging and produce interesting photos. My daughter and my best friend's dad helped me by taking photos of me swinging. You can see my best friend and daughter in the background of one photo.

Before you freak out about the underskirt shot, I have on thick leggings that I recently bought on Ebay. They are so thick and lined with a fleece, they are almost like very tight pants. I bought these to paint, but plan on keeping them plain, as they will be an amazing cold weather layering piece! 

Over those, I have on a red cotton maxi skirt. I bought it on Ebay about a year or two ago. I was listed as a belly dance skirt, but could also be described as a gypsy, boho, bohemian, or crinkle skirt. It was about $20.

Over the red skirt, I have a lace skirt that I bought at a Belly Dance swap for $1. It's a great piece that I can layer over colorful or neutral long skirts and instantly make them more lux looking. It has a simple gathered waist with a non-stretch band. It is a bit too large for me, so I have it cinched in the back with a large safety pin. Technically, I could snip a couple small holes in the waist band, and run ribbon through it, so I could draw in the waist and tie it. I'll probably do that eventually. I think this one is hand made by one of the dancers, and it's pretty easy to make.

My shirt is also from Ebay. I wore it the other day for my 1st OOTD and it's a top that I do wear often because it's a comfortable cotton knit fabric and loose cut of a blouse.

Over the blouse, I have a cropped black vest. Cropped vests are another great way of cinching in shirts at the natural waist and adding a tailored element to an outfit.

The shoes are from Target. I bought them a few years ago when I needed a new pair of low heel shoes. They are a black faux suede with a pleated twist at the top. They get a lot of wear and stay by the front door next, so I can quickly slip them on and leave the house.

While my best friend and my daughter were playing soccer in the backyard together, I bundled up on the lounge. My coat is by Express, and was purchased several years ago. I bought it from Rugged Warehouse, which is a end of market, 3rd string, or damages type of shop. This coat was in great condition and unworn. It was $40. 

In my hair are flowers I made. The large red one is a poppy with painted red glitter petals and a hand beaded and sequined center. The two smaller flowers are small carnations that I broke apart to flatten them. They have black beads in the centers and black leaves on the backs. The small flowers are constructed as opposites, because I made them to wear with my Catrina costume. Lately, I've been really into clustering my hair flowers and spider hair accessories to give them a more dramatic appearance. They are all hand sewn with alligator clips on the back, and very light weight.

My black heart necklace is from Hot Topic. I bought it years ago. It reminds me of a Milagros and Victorian mourning jewelry. I waited for it to go on sale before I bought it, so it was probably about $12 at the time. I've worn this necklace countless times. It's a favorite go to necklace. I love textural necklaces like this for appearance and for when I get anxious, so I can rub it and relax a bit. Something about certain textures has a calming effect. You will see through this OOTD segment that what I wear is equally about textures as appearance.

I didn't wear any makeup, because I was just hanging out with close friends, my daughter, and a baby. I didn't want to get any makeup on the baby.


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