OOTD: Lace for Brunch.

Today I wanted to show a darker side of layered lace. We had a brunch to go to at a friends' house. I took that opportunity to dress up. After brunch, we headed to a near by park that overlooks the water. We didn't expect it to be very windy, so that made for difficult photo taking. My husband took these photos, and tolerated my need to switch locations in hopes of better photos that were less windy and my eyes didn't squint so much. I really need to find or replace my big sunglasses. My eyes are very sensitive to sunlight, which results in many squinty eyed photos...boooo. I couldn't control my long hair from being crazy with the wind blowing. I tried to tame it a bit when the wind died down. Black is hard to photograph, so we did photos breaking down the layers...which means this post is photo heavy. Later, we are meeting my parents for dinner to celebrate my dad's birthday...though belated. Better late than not this year. This outfit works great for that too. Ok, on with the many photos...

Starting from the bottom up (and you will see why in a moment), I have on the same black flats I wore and showed you yesterday. I have on the black fleece lined leggings that I wore Friday (and have a few times this Winter). I have on the black crocheted skirt that I wore for my 1st OOTD. You can see close ups of those in their respective posts.

On my torso, I have 5 light layers... 1st, I have on the same oatmeal tank (I couldn't find my black racer-back tank) that I've worn the past 2 days. I tucked this into my skirt, so the contrast didn't show through the 2nd layer. The 2nd layer is a black tiered lace and jersey knit racer back tank. This one has a similar fullness to the top I showed you yesterday, but not as puffy since it alternates lace and jersey knit. Both of these were purchased at TJ Maxx years ago.

The 3rd layer is a cropped vest that I've had for years. I don't recall where I bought this one, as I bought several vests in one time period a few years ago. I love that this vest cinches in at my natural waist and tames the fullness of the tiered shirt under it. It also gives a masculine tailored look to the feminine laces. It also has a racer-back which works well with the other two shirts under it.

 The 4th layer is a lace cropped cardigan. This is a flimsy piece, which is really just to add texture and not warmth to the layers. I'm holding it in the front, but it has no clasp. I plan on putting a hook and eye at the top, so I can clasp it if I want to. That wouldn't have worked with this outfit, as it would have covered the necklace. I just wanted to show the fabric design over the vest. If this was a warmer day, I could just leave the layers at this. Since I needed something over my arms, I added one more layer.

The 5th layer is a black draped cardigan with a crocheted-like lace back inset. I wanted to add some warmth to my arms, and keep with the lace theme of this outfit. I love the puffy sleeves on the cardigan, because I have wide shoulders. This detracts from that a bit, giving the viewer the illusion that it's the puffed sleeves that make my shoulders look wide, not my physical form. Also, my shoulders fit more comfortable in the puffed sleeves without fabric restricting them. I sometimes cinch in this cardigan with a belt or brooch, but I decided to leave it uncinched today.

I bought this necklace on Etsy a few years ago. It was listed under supplies oddly. Do to the mislisting, I'm not sure if it was hand made by an Etsy artist, or mass produced. Either way, it came from another country (England, I think) and I haven't seen another one like it. The spiders have little black crystals embedded into the black metal spider forms. There are black and grey beads alternating with wire linking them, to form beaded chains. I love the materials, shapes, motif, and neutrals of this necklace, which is why I purchased it. Spiders make me think of their lace-like webs, so they are always fitting to be paired with lace fabrics.

This hair flower is one I made a year or two ago. The black rose petals have black sequins and beads sewn around each one. There are larger sequins for the bigger outer petals to tiny sequins for the smaller inner petals. The center (though you can't see it here) has several black faceted beads sewn to it. On the back are black glittery leaves. This is another hair accessory of mine that was created by hand sewing it. I made one similar to this for a bride who was getting married in Las Vegas. I loved doing the sequins and beading around the edges of the rose petals so much, that I made my own version. This one is much more sparkly than the bride's because of the glittery leaves.

Ok, that is all for now. Time to leave and meet my parents for dinner.


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