OOTD: Casual Lace

I had to drop off my daughter at a friend's house for a sleep over. I was still wearing the oatmeal colored tank from yesterday, so I decided to play with some other lace pieces in a different way than I normally do. My husband has to work today, so I'm my own date for now until he gets home later tonight. On the way home, I stopped by Total Wine and bought three small Lindemans' Lambics. I bought my favorite, Framboise (raspberry), and two new to me flavors Peche (peach) and Pomme (apple). This beer is Belgian, so look in the imports section of your local beer specialty shop. It comes in a large bottle (wine bottle sized) and smaller bottles. Anyway, it's the cats, glittering a Tommy gun (I'll post about that when it's done!), my personal "Ghost Whisperer" marathon via Netflix, the fancy beers, the internet and myself for a few more hours...

Since I have 4 layers of tops on, let's work from the top layer to the last. The cardigan was part of a twin set that I bought many years ago. I think it might have been from Dillard's. I haven't worn it in years, but I might wear it more often now that I know how nice it looks with my creamy laces. The 2nd layer is a cropped top that I bought over the summer. I don't recall which shop, maybe Forever 21. I love wearing this over tank tops and maxi tank dresses. The whole shirt is made out of this paisley like lace. The 3rd layer is a tiered lace scoop neck tank top. The front has the 5 lace tiers. The back is made of the same lace, but is one solid piece in a racer back cut. The 4th layer is the oatmeal colored tank with lace and velvet ribbon trims. It's also a racer back style, but with a low V neck. I bought the tiered lace top and oatmeal tank top from TJ Maxx at the same time years ago. 

My black faded jeans are from Rugged Warehouse. I bought them years ago. They have been worn a lot. I wear them almost every day. They could use replacing with ones that fit better, but I'm picky about my black jeans. I love this faded black color and length. In warmer weather, I like to cuff them up.

I wanted to show what the cropped top looks like with and without the jacket, in a close up. My necklace is made of faux pearls with a faux pearl and rhinestone encrusted silver bow pendant. I bought this years ago at some trendy shop. I forget which one...maybe Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe.

These are my favorite fancy flat shoes. They are a faux suede fabric. I like the pleated twist on the fronts. They have a tiny 1/2" heel. I bought them from Target years ago.

This headband I bought right before I got married. I bought it from Hecht's (which is now owned by Macy's) when I used to work there. I'm not big on headbands, as they give me a headache quickly. This one did, but it looked nice for the short time I wore it. I bought it to wear on my wedding day with my vintage silver rhinestone headband/tiara. 

My daughter took these photos of me. She's improving quickly! That's it for now...time to open one of the beers and add more glitter to this toy gun.


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