OOTD: Black Lace Layers

School was closed today for Martin Luther King Day. My husband decided to get his family together for dinner. I decided I should get out of my pjs and into something fancy. My husband made a lovely Asian inspired meal last night. It was delicious. I'm glad I'm getting some quiet time today to work on projects. Our band has a show coming up soon, so I'm working on costumes and props for that. Also, have to make something for a baby. Since it's a surprise for the parents, I don't want to explain what it is until after they have it. I'll probably post about that next week.

Since we're discussing lace and layering it for cold weather, I wanted to keep with that theme. I broke out some pieces that don't get much wear, and haven't been worn together before last night. I'll explain them below of course.

The lace maxi skirt I have is from Forever 21. I bought it a couple years ago. It has a black stretch lace overlay and a black knit lining. It's a pull on skirt, so there are no zippers, though it's fitted at the top. The lace is cut into panels, which is for the slim shaping at the top and flare at the bottom. That is hard to see in this photograph and under the layers of tops. It's a very comfortable skirt since the lining and lace are very soft.

I have on the same flats as I've worn the past few days. They are my favorites and I keep them by my front door. Since I always take my shoes off at John's parents' house, I didn't want to wear anything fancier that would compliment this outfit better. I did repaint my toe nails silver with a black lace like treatment over that, using this video tutorial. It was a trial and error, since I covered my nails fully, vs just the tips, and did my toenails instead of fingernails. My daughter chose pink and blue at 1st, which went badly on the 1st nail we tried. I had her remove that disaster, and repaint her nail pink. Then, I had her pick a red, since pink and red are in the same color family. I did her nails with a red "lace" after I had done mine, so I knew how to get hers nice without needing to repaint them again. The keys to this are having a solid base coat with nice nail polish (the pink was crappy...or poorly put on by my daughter) and moving quickly when doing the lace part, so the basecoat doesn't get picked up by the plastic wrap. This is a nice alternative to crackle nail polish. The texture is thin, so you could do layers of different colored for a marbled effect.

Starting from the top layer to the bottom one today. I have on that same draped cardigan with a lace inset on the back. It's my only black lace jacket...which means I need to rectify that situation. I do have another cardigan with lace on the front, but it's too short in length to work for this look. I might wear it for a different OOTD, so show you that look. Not sure when that will be...probably when I figure out where I put it...such a messy bedroom covered in clothing.

The next layer is a black tiered vest. This is the sister vest to the beige one I wore the other day. I couldn't resist buying both. This one, like the other, has tiers of lace and jersey knit, lace trims, and a rope belt with tassels. I bought them both at Rugged Warehouse.

The next layer is a lace sleeveless shirt. It's has a low v-neck that ends at the bust line seam. The shape is fitted at the bust, and flares out a bit from the bustline to the hem. It's a long shirt, so it meets the hem of the vest. I bought this at either Forever 21 or TJ Maxx, several years ago.

The last layer is my black tank top with a shelf bra. I bought it at TJ Maxx this past summer. It's just a standard black tank with thin adjustable straps. It's a long length and is a little shorter than the lace top and vest.

My parent in-laws gave me this necklace several years ago for Christmas. I don't recall what shop it was from...probably either JC Penny's or Sears. It was part of a necklace and earrings set. One of the earrings has since broken...sniff. However, I found a pair of earrings similar to the teardrops of the necklace, which work well as a replacement for the broken earrings pair.

This is a flower I made a couple years ago. It gets a lot of use. I love wearing flowers in my hair. Something lightweight like this one is easy to slip into my hair and dress up even a plain ponytail. The dahlia is hand painted, since black isn't a common color to find in pre-dyed flowers. There are 3 black plastic faceted beads in the center. Like all my hair flowers I make, this one is hand sewn.

My lovely daughter took these photos, while my youngest niece giggled beside her. She wasn't being rude, she just wanted to play outside. We probably should have done these photos earlier, when we arrived, so the lighting was better. Black is hard to photograph at dusk...oops.


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