OOTD: Band Practice and Family Dinner

Today, I went to League of Space Pirates band practice. Afterwards, I went to dinner with my husband and daughter. Since today is the 1st time I'm formally shared my outfit, I decided to dress up a bit. The weather was chilly today. I took my heavy coat with me, in case I needed it, but I didn't. I drank a large cup of hot chocolate shortly after leaving the house, so that kept me warm most of the day. In fact, I didn't even need the draped cardigan most of the time.

Breaking down the outfit... The shirt is a free size, meaning it's fairly large and needs some type of cinching to define my waist. It's made of a black jersey (t-shirt) fabric. It has elastic around the neckline and can be worn off my shoulders, which shows my chest tattoos nicely. There is elastic around hems of the sleeves. I purchased it on Ebay.

The draped cardigan is short in the back, longer on the sides, and goes up the front into points. There is a large lace inset on the back. I forget where I purchased it, but I've had it a couple years now. It's a great light weight cardigan and a staple layer in my wardrobe.

The belt is elastic gathered fabric with a ruffle created at the top and bottom edges from the gathering. The silver clasp in the front slips one side over the other and closes flat. I forget what that style clasp is called. I like this belt because it easily cinches in clothing to fit at my natural waist. The stretch allows for movement and is more comfortable than a non-stretch wide belt. The ruffle works well with the laces of this outfit, since it's a bit more girly than a standard elastic belt.

The long skirt is a vintage one that I purchased on Ebay. It has delicate crocheted lace that comes to even points around the hem. The crochet pattern is a fancy sort of repeating diamond or teardrop shape. It has a thin cotton lining and drawstring waistband. I've been looking for a crocheted skirt for about 10 years, so I was elated to find this one. The only downside to it, is the it's length. As you can see, it's very long. It's slightly longer in the back than the front. What you can't see, is that it's almost sitting at my natural waistline. I have to wear heels with this skirt, or it will definitely drag the ground and get destroyed. I have to be VERY carefully with it, for fear that it will tear or snag. That would make me very sad, since I've been looking for a crocheted skirt for a long time.

My bag is a faux Alexander McQueen bag. I love Alexander's work, but I can't afford any of it. I fond this bag on Ebay. It has skulls along the knuckle ring style handle. I have to flex back the handle to undo or do the latch. The opening of the bag is metal and has a hinge at either side. The inside of the bag is fairly spacious. There is a zipper pocket on one side of the lining, and two smaller open pockets on the other side. It has a chain strap that easily tucks inside when you don't want to use it. The chain strap is very long and can easily go across my body. If I'm not carrying the bag by the handle, I'm normally carrying it under my arm.

I pulled my skirt up in the front, so you all could see my socks. The skeleton socks are thigh high. They are the Kawaii Skeleton Over The Knee socks from Sock Dreams. If you've been following me here or know me from Skull-A-Day, it's no mystery why I would own these socks. I had to have them, and in fact they were sold out the 1st time I saw then, but thankfully they were restocked. They are thin for socks...somewhere in between a sock and a stocking. Thigh high socks are a great layering piece under skirts or dresses in cold weather. Also, they make you feel a little sexier when layers can make you feel frumpy.

The red booties are faux Litas. Jeffrey Campbell uses suede to make these. The ones I purchased on Ebay are faux suede, which makes me happier. Because of that, they are also MUCH less expensive! I featured these red booties in my September and October Accessories Haul. They are from Boots2Shoes. With shipping they were about $35.

You can also see the crocheted lace pattern better in the left photo.

I made this Skull and Heart Necklace (heart on reverse side of skull) about 2 years ago for Dia de la Abby #42 . It's been sitting on my necklace stand since then. I thought it deserved to be worn today. Follow either of those links to learn more about this necklace.

The left ring is from Target's jewelry collection from about 5 years ago. I have a few more pieces from that collection...and large cameo necklace, a black chain necklace with a ribbon tie, some grey faux pearl earrings and a matching layered necklace. Anyway, I hope that stirs your memory of the designer's name. I might be able to search for the special silk bags in came in later.

The right ring is from a stacked ring set from Forever 21. It's a pewter color with a bumpy texture on the triangle sides of the pyramid and tiny black stones. I've been lusting after this ring shape for months on Polyvore, so I'm elated I found a stacked ring set that had two different pyramid rings. The other ring is a band with little bumps on it.

These lovely hair accessories are ones a made a few years ago. The black one was for a GAP local fashion show. It's a hand painted fabric dahlia. The two red flowers with black leaves, I made to accompany my Sugar Skull Makeup and authentic vintage Mexican dress for a Halloween party. The flowers are all clipped into my hair individually. I love wearing them in a cluster like this. Since I have made so many flowers and various other hair accessories over the years, I'm able to wear any of them in different combos. Usually, I just wear one large flower, but lately, I've enjoyed playing with layering and clustering them for a more bohemian look. These flowers always remind me of Spanish dancers and vintage pinups. I can't resist that.

My sweet hubby took the outdoor photos. I took the indoor ones.


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