SHOPPING: Stockings for the Stockings

It's that time of year where we all give presents for various Winter holidays. A classic gift is socks. Why? I have no clue, but I always enjoyed receiving nice socks and stockings in my stocking for Christmas. Stockings in a stocking...funny, but useful. One of my favorite places to quickly get amazing socks and stockings is Sock Dreams! The staff is very helpful and sweet, and the shipping is super fast. In some cases, I've received items THE NEXT DAY! They are based in Portland, Oregon. I'm in Richmond, VA. That's super quick to me! Also, shipping is FREE to all USA customers, no matter the order size! I've purchases some thigh high socks for my mom in the past, as well as several things for myself. I'm always happy with what I get! Each item has an honest review from the staff, so you know exactly what your getting and what to expect.

Here is my holiday guide for some great stocking stuffers or small gifts of socks and stockings for your friends and family from Sock Dreams.


I wear long (from knee to thigh high) socks from Fall through early Spring. When the weather gets cool, I start wearing socks. They are great for wearing under pants, dresses, or skirts for added warmth on chilly days. I'm currently (right this moment!) wearing the 1st pictured pair. They are fantastic and worth the wait! However, I love ALL of these socks. If you find that your long socks slip down and bunch up throughout the day, you should buy a pair of sock garters too. We'll get to those at the bottom of this post.

1) Kawaii Skeleton Over The Knee in White - $15
2) Orkney Angora Over the Knees in Light Olive - $60
3) Skulls Over the Knee - $14
4) Extraordinarily Longer Striped Thigh High in Plum and Black - $20
5) Super Stripes Longer in Black and White - $12
9) Polonova Floral Lace Trouser Socks in Black Gold- $20


Recently, I've been loving a lot of sheer stockings. They are great for cool, but not freezing weather. Wearing stockings is an easy way to dress up even a casual outfit. I find them very sexy, even if they have full coverage. The thigh high ones will need a garter belt or garter bands...which adds to the sex appeal. I wear them because of how I feel in them, not how because of other people view them.


I mentioned above that garters of various kinds are great for keeping up certain types of socks and stockings. Sock Dreams has a variety of these accessories in their shop. While you're shopping for socks and stockings, don't forget to buy some garters too.

1) Industrial Garter Belt - $12
2) Rago Six Strap Garter Belt - $29
3) LoPocket Sport - $39
4) Snappy Spiked Sock Garters - $24
5) Extra Long Sock Garters with Suspender clips - $18
6) Faux Leather Sock Garters with Suspender Clips - $18

What ever you decide to give as a present, give it with love and care.


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