SHOPPING: The Jewels

Every December for the past few years, I love to treat myself to a new necklace. It doesn't need to be fancy, but normally it's a little more expensive than I'd normally spend on jewelry. They are investment pieces, and vary in price. The best place to find special jewelry is Etsy. Everything is hand made in some way. I normally buy a new necklace, but I'm going to share some favorite earrings, rings, and bracelets in case your personal preference or that of your special someone, is not a necklace.


I have  a HUGE collection of necklaces! It's sort of ridiculous, but I go through periods where I love large statement necklaces to small delicate pendants, bright to dark, metals to enamels...etc. This means I keep what I buy and hang on to it when it's fallen out of favor, because I know I'll love it again one day. This also means that my collection is ever growing. I'm currently into more delicate necklaces for regular wear and large metal geometric statement necklaces for League of Space Pirates performances. Upon searching through Etsy, here are 6 of my favorites. I love the shape, color, texture, and cut of these. Texture is a big one for me, as I tend to fiddle with my necklaces while talking some times. I'm a textural person, so I must wear things that are pleasing to my sense of touch, to be comfortable.


Lately, I've really loved stacking rings, and long rings. Stacking rings are great because you can wear one to all of the rings in a set. Also, if you have multiple people with the same ring size, you can split up the set and give one or multiples to each person. That is especially handy if the rings in the set are very similar. Great for best friends or siblings. I only have two sets of stacking rings. One set is vintage. My mom passed on to me when I was a teenager. They were either hers or my grandmother's. The rings fit together, alternating 2 and 3 stones on 6 thin gold rings. The other set I have I recently purchased. It has one ring with bumps around the band, and the other two have pyramid studs.

 My other favorite rings lately are long and multi-finger rings. I've yet to find a multi-finger ring that fit nicely across my fingers. However, I have found multiple long rings that comfortably sit along my long fingers. The recent one I purchased reminds me of a claw, which is a ring I've been hunting for decades, but yet to find a comfortable one that fit my long thin fingers.


I have multiple ear piercings...4 lobes and 2 cartilage for a total of 6. I love for my earrings to coordinate or match. Because of that, I love getting sets, or having some nice studs to go with my dangle earrings. Below, I've made sets, however I chose a color palette where all the earrings can mix and match. I own a lot of earrings, from cheap to expensive. I like mixing metals, finishes, motifs, and colors. Sometimes I'll wear two pairs of dangle earrings, if they are different lengths, but very similar styles. Then, I'll wear a basic stud in my upper ear piercings. I think ears are one of the sexiest parts of the body, so putting them in display is a must! Also, it's more likely someone will look at your eyes when talking to you, when you have something else that draws their attention more than your words and thoughts.

1) Sterling Silver Skull Stud Earrings - $45
2) Israeli Sterling Silver Beads with Faceted Garnet on Solid Silver Headpin from India - $50
3) Red cinnabar dangle earrings - $22
4) REAL Red Rose Flower Earrings - $44
5) Small Pyrite Post Stud Earrings in Sterling Silver - $12
6) Faceted Pyrite Antiqued Silver Wire Wrapped Earrings - $30


Like my necklace, my bracelets need to have a textural design. In addition to that, they need to fit my small wrists and sit comfortably, as well as being attractive to me. Sometimes, they will have quirky cultural reference like #1 and #2, which are inspired by Doctor Who. However, that style of cuff bracelet would slip off my wrist too easy, alas I'm hoping you all can give them a home. The bracelets I favor can be tough and bold, or delicate and soft, that just depends on my mood for the day. I prefer bracelets that stay put and secure on my arm, and aren't loudly clinking against anything as I type. I normally wear a soft wrap bracelet like #4. #3 would be good for general wear too, as the recycled tire material is soft and sturdy. #5 and #6 would be great for sneaking skulls and skeleton elements into a fancier outfit. I tend to wear bracelets on my left arm, as I shake hands with my right hand. I don't want my bracelet jingling (like #5 and #6 would) and be a distraction from the introduction. Which ever style you chose, keep in mind the place you are wearing it to, what you will be doing while wearing it, and how well it fits on your arm.

1) Doctor Who "We're all stories in the end" Cuff Bracelet - $13
2) Steampunk Doctor Who Gallifrey Symbols 1 1/2 Inch Brass Cuff - $28
3) Handmade Upcycled Black Rubber, Sterling Silver, Steel Bracelet - $38
4) Slim Black Beaded Wrap Wax Cord Vegan Bracelet - £13.95 GBP
5) Fishbone Bracelet, Unique Silver Bracelet, Skeleton, Spine - $32
6) Gold Tiny Skull Charm Bracelet - $12.50

What ever you chose to give as a gift, give it with love. What ever you choose to treat yourself to, make sure it's a wise purchase that you know you'll use.


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