NYE FASHION: Masquerade Masks

For the past few years, we've gone to a masquerade party for New Year's Eve. This year we decided not to, in favorite of a nice dinner with our close friends. However, since this is still an ongoing tradition for many that make their own masks, I thought I should compile some beautiful masks for inspiration. Certainly, you could purchase these, if you aren't talented or willing to make your own, but since tonight is New Year's Eve, I highly doubt you'll receive your mask before you leave for the evening. Still, if you aren't crafty, check out your local party or costume shop for some great ones. For DIY mask tutorials, check out YouTube and do a Google search. You'll find lots of helpful tutorials to make sure your mask is as fabulous as you are! Also, you can go to my Masquerade Mask tutorial round up and use my Sugar Skull Mask Tutorial to help make your own.



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