SHOES: Empowering Shoes

This month, I'm sharing one of my all time favorite accessories, shoes. Searching for the right pair of shoes is like looking through a land of different candies, to find the ones that will look sweet on my feet. Shoes makes us feel all sorts of emotions, from joy when we find what we're looking for, to sadness when all we find are the wrong ones or the pretty ones don't fit correctly. My favorite emotions from finding the right pair of shoes is sexy, confident, and empowered. I have at last count over 400 pairs of shoes...which we will touch on again this month.

Now I have flats, sneakers, and casual sandals. They don't give me those feelings, but they get the practical job done. They protect the soles of my feet and help me get around outside of my house. I wear one pair of flats so much that they are worn out near the heels, but still I wear them. I have a laundry basket full of worn out shoes, that need resoling or their heels repaired. They have all be fabulous and favorites. Of all my shoes, more than half are heels. Heels make me feel amazing. 

I recall slipping on my 1st pair of real heels. My mom's friend purchased them for me as a gift. They were a black textured patent faux leather. The semi-chunky heels were at least 3-4 inches. There was a 1 inch platform. They had a round toe, and great padding. They were the sexiest maryjanes I had ever seen. Certainly the sexiest I'd ever worn.  They were by Candies. The stretchy maryjane strap dug into my foot every time I wore them, and there were occasional blisters along my ankles, but still I wore them often. I was 17. It was my senior year, and they were supposed to be work shoes...but the only work I did in them was working it up and down the halls of school. (I worked at my mother's craft shows in sneakers, because there was labor involved) It did take many weeks...months of wear before I stopped looking awkward while wearing them. I had to build up my leg muscles by wearing them and learning how to support my body weight on two thin heels and a platform. The strap was to help me keep them on while I learned how to walk in them. I did a lot of practice. I took two errand jobs at school for my last period, because I didn't have any other classes than English that I needed to graduate. The rest were French and creative classes. I wore them at least once a week and dressed up nice. 

Learning how to wear heels properly is no small task. It's something I will teach my daughter, as my mother taught me, and hers taught her...etc. Why would I teach my daughter to walk in heels? It's certainly not her passive threats she started making as a toddler that she was going to steal (borrow?) all my shoes one day, as she would slip a pair on her tiny feet. It's because they are empowering. They make you want to take command and get things done. My senior year, I went from being an awkward girl to a lady who stood proud and tall in her 1st pair of real heels. I still have them tucked away somewhere. I took them to college with me, and they did a lot of magic. The power of a great pair of heels is amazing. Still to this day, when I slip on one of my many pairs of heels, I instantly feel more beautiful and confident. 

If you haven't worn a pair, I suggest you start small and work up. It takes practice, but it's worth it. Thicker heels are easier to walk in and will help you build up to stilettos, though my preference is still a thicker heel. For League of Space Pirate performance, I always wear heels. Though it makes me taller than our lead singer (we're about the same height without shoes on), they give me the confidence I need to perform in front of a crowd and I look good while doing it.

If you have never walked in heels, or want to learn the correct way to walk in heels, watch this video from AmiClubwear.


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