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One of my favorite style icons is Frida Kahlo. While I like her artwork, I love her style more. In many paintings and photos of her, there are abundant flowers in her hair. This is a hair style often portrayed on Catrinas too. Since we're focusing on Dia de los Muertos this week, I love costuming, and this hair accessory is a current fashion trend, I thought I would share some of my favorite hair flower crown looks that you can incorporate into your Dia de los Muertos celebratory outfit, and into your normal wardrobe. These look best with bohemian style or Mexican inspired outfits. Of course, if would like to, you can use fresh flowers and bobby pins to create this same look in braided hair. Fresh flowers can wilt quickly, which is why I prefer doing this with fabric flowers. Visit your local craft or dollar store for a large variety of fabric flowers.

The inspirational images, I have come across on Pinterest, and will include the real source if I can find it. As always if I have included the real source info and you know that, feel free to email me or comment below with that information. I will happily update this post with that corrected information. The tutorials all have proper source links, as those are easier to find and how I originally saw it. I always recommend hand sewing fabric hair accessories, over gluing them. However, for a quick costume, hot glue will do ok for a one time wear hair accessory. Glues breakdown over time. Threads do too, but not for many decades. I would also like to note, if you are not crafty at all, check out the large amount of fantastically hand made flower crowns on Etsy. There are many gorgeous ones in different styles that will suit your Dia de los Muertos needs. These will probably last you more than one wearing, depending on how they are made. Ok, on with the pretties...


Let's start with Frida herself. I always love how she used fresh flowers in her hair. It looks so organic and beautiful. 

This Frida inspired model has several large red flowers stuck into her high braided bun. I love his hair style. It's a great way to have a braid, if your hair isn't long enough for the braid to wrap around your hair.

 Photographer EmineS-Frame, model Esra Er, and MUAH artist Serdar Colak do a great job of showing a tropical alternative using Hibiscus flowers in curved braided hair. This photo is called "Make a Wish".

Photographer Anna Ivanova, model Tata, and make-up artist Marina, Solovyona created this image. I looked through the set, but couldn't figure out if the flowers were attached to a head piece, or stuck in the model's hair. Either way, it's a gorgeous fanciful photo.

Lana de Rey is a singer/song writer, who wrote this rose crown for a photograph. I think it was for a single release album. I think her photograph is what started the revival of flower crowns.

These pale colored flowers help bring a bohemian vibe to this image. They appear to be on a circlet or wired through her hair. A circlet is is probably most likely. It's a sturdy way of using flowers as an easily removable hair accessory.

Photographer Natalie J. Watts, makeup artist Angela Deviatova, and hair stylist Dean Andrews captured an enchanted forest look with model Holly, for an issue of VECU magazine. The whole set it gorgeous. I particularly love this photo. It looks as if Holly has walked through a forest, gathering beautiful flowers, entwining them together to make an enchanted floral crown. She looks like a wood nymph.

This girl has an innocence about her with her circlet of purple and white flowers. This appears to be a full circlet placed on top of the hair. Sometimes when you have such a heavily detailed and decorative hair piece like this, it's best to leave your hair simple. As I showed in the 1st photo Frida normally wore flowers in the front of her hair, so if you want to use a circlet, I recommend only placing the flowers in the front. If you have long hair, you can wrap your hair around the non-decorated portion of the circlet.


Corinne on Threadbanger shows us how to make Flower Crowns. The large one is inspired by Frida Khalo, and the smaller one great for festivals. You can use hot glue or E600 to glue this project, or you can stitch on the flowers. Notice her tip about adding a bit of glue to the back of the flowers, where you cut the stem. You'll want to use this for any of the following tutorials that use these type of fabric flowers, or the flowers will eventually come apart. Also, Corinne mentions two of my other favorite tutorials, which I was going to share anyway.

Anne or shine shows us how to make several flower crowns. You can use hot glue, E600, or needle and thread to secure the flowers to the fabric head bands. The stackable wildflower inspired crowns use wire to secure the bunches of flowers. Using stackable flower crowns for a look is a great easy way to change up the flower color combinations, and volume of flowers.

Boat People Vintage shows us how to make a Lana Del Rey inspired floral crown. She uses wire to attach small flowers to a leather cord that closes with a clasp. This is a small enough design, where you can make several and stack or braid them together when wearing them.

DreamsThatGlitterxo1 shows us how to make a Lana Del Ray inspired floral head band. She uses thin pieces of wire to attach the flowers to a thicker wire crown. She mentions that the wire can hurt, so if you want to soften that, wrap a long thin to medium piece of ribbon along the wire crown and between the wire attached flowers. This will prevent the wire from poking you in your head, and also cover up your wire work.

The ever creative Mr. Kate and her flower gnome, show us how to make our own flowers, and Fabric Floral Headpiece. This is a great way to use up scraps of fabric! I know all of you fabric crafters have a growing pile of scraps! You can use hot glue, like Kate shows, or you can stitch on your flowers and beads. If you feel like the fabric band is slipping off your head, use bobby pins along the fabric band to secure it to your hair. Actually, that works for any of the flower crowns that are thin. Bobby pins are fantastic!


  1. I tried making a few of my own, only took around 10 minutes and I really love them!

    1. Yours look beautiful! Thanks for sharing the tutorial with me. I pinned it for future reference!

  2. I am making these now and posting them on my flower clowns on my etsy! Check out msformaldehyde! Thank you love this!

  3. Hey there! (: You've got a lovely blog, but I just wanted to let you know I am the owner of the image of the blonde girl with the purple flower headdress. I'm very flattered that you liked the image, and I made that headdress myself and would be happy to share how it was made if you'd like. (: Cheers!

    1. Awesome. Thanks for letting me know. I will include your name for the owner of the image and project. Do you have a website or anywhere I can link people to a tutorial? If the method is short, I can update this post with it. I'll shift the image and info down to the tutorial section too!

  4. hi! i'm the redhead girl with flowers=)
    very glad to see myself in this blog, thanks very much :)

    1. I love your photo! Glad you like being on my blog!


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