MILAN FASHION WEEK S/S 2013: Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo was an Italian shoe designer, made famous by his creative handmade footwear. The company is still owned by the Ferragamo family, and has spread into a general luxury goods company, and has a clothing line. This Spring Summer 2013 collection is full of leather accessories. A large amount of the clothing shown is leather, but there is a mix of more practical warm weather fabrics too. This collection is probably better suited at a transition collection...from Summer into Fall or Winter into Spring, than just for Spring and Summer.

In general, I don't like wearing leather, but I have loved Salvatore Ferragamo's shoe designs since I was a pre-teen, and came across some of them in a fashion history book. This means, I'm not going to discuss the clothing. I'm going to discuss the shoes. Channel Kelly with me for a moment. Leather clothing might not be practical, but leather shoes always are. This collection shows off some great shoe design. Of these, my favorites are the knee high boot like sandal in black. From the front, the open toe doesn't make sense, but if you watch the last video, you will see they lace completely up the back and have two buckles. They remind me of Roman gladiator greaves, which I've found sexy since I learned about them many years ago. My other favorite are the pointed toe heels with the lace up ankle cuffs. There is something so seductive about any footwear that laces up. That's the main reason that I love these two shoe designs.

To see the full show, go here.

But, to get a better look at the shoes and other accessories, go here.


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