Moschino's Spring Summer 2013 is full of 60s and equestrian retro kitch. One of my favorite time periods in fashion is the 1960s. There was just a burst of creativity and play, that I still look back at that time period for inspiration. Sadly, I was born in 1980, the age of excess, so I missed experiencing living then. For this collection, there is a strong use of piping and contrast through out. There are a lot of stripes and tailored designs that won't work for a wide range of body types, but with some modifying, they could. I looked through the collection and chosen the strongest pieces, but for the full show, watch the video at the bottom of this post.

Of all these great kitchy pieces, my favorites are, the 5th look, which is a mod shift dress with a silver metallic oval print all over. Upon closer inspection, it appears that the silver ovals are bent pieces of metal. There are small studs sparkling in between the ovals. Overall, this dress is reminiscent of Paco Rabanne's designs from the 60s. My next favorite is the 9th look, the black mini skirt with white piping, and white blouse with black piping. I love the simplicity and contrast in this styling. Using high contrast piping gives these pieces a cartoonish quality, but I'm a kid at heart and love that look. My next favorite is the 15th look, which is a white dress with colorful appliques. I will have to say, this is too colorful for me, but would look fantastic on my daughter. Sometimes such colorful kitchy designs like this dress look better on children than adults. The styling includes an orange purse that reminds me of Legos, so I think that confirms my "for children" though. My last favorite is the 27th look, the white eyelet maxi dress. Now, this dress is a departure from the other kitchy pieces, but lately I've been wearing a lot of lacy girly fabrics. I could easily see this dress becoming a warm weather staple in my closet. Overall this collection is cheerful, even with the prevalent sharp contrasts of black and white. It's great for the person who loves 60s mod vintage inspired clothing.

For the full fashion show, go here


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