MILAN FASHION WEEK S/S 2013: Dsquared²

Dsquared²'s Spring Summer 2013 Collection was inspired by a 1990 super model photoshoot by Peter Lindbergh. They used this inspiration to make 90s bad girl looks, heavy with chains and leather. It's honestly the styling that makes these looks "bad girl". If you strip away the chains, hats, and make the hot pants longer, it's a overall wearable collection. I have to admit, it has me reminiscing about chain belts. I might have to bring out a few of my old ones to wear over my gypsy skirts...what, I'm only a "bad girl" when in costume. That being said, I also want a pair of hot pants even more now...for costume needs. I have great legs...just like my mom who used to wear hot pants. But, I digress. I've chosen a few looks to share with you here, but to see the full show in all of it's "retro bad girl" glory, watch the video at the bottom of this post.

Of all these great looks, my favorites are the 6th look, black hot pants with a black fitted t-shirt. Instead of hot pants and heavy chains, pair the top with a tight pencil skirt, it would be fabulously wearable! It would still have the "bad girl" edge, but by being slightly more modest, it's easier to wear more places. My next favorite is the 8th look. Again, if the large chain necklace was removed, all the other styling would instantly be lighter and the whole outfit would be more wearable. Take away all the accessories, and it's a great pair of distressed crop pants, a button down blouse, and blazer. With such a basic outfit, it's the accessories that can change the look and vibe of an outfit. My next favorite is the 13th look, which is a pair of black cigarette pants, a white button down blouse, and a red blazer. Remove the hat, gloves, and heavy jewelry, and you have a sexy warm weather office look. However, I don't work in an office anymore, so I'd wear this other places. My last favorite is the 17th look. Instead of stripping down the look for wearability, this speaks to my more gothic aesthetic. For a goth look, minus the gold jewelry (but keeping the chain belt), it's actually fairly casual. Yes, I'm including the faux corset in that statement. This is something that I would wear if I felt like dressing up, but don't want to endure the pain of platform boots and tight laced corsets. If I switched the faux corset for a fitted vest, I'd wear it more often. Actually, this outfit is great inspiration for a Polyvore set. To conclude, when you see a runway show like this, visually strip away the over accessorizing, to see what the actual clothing is. It makes you see how important certain accessories are to creating an overall look. You can transform a basic look with dramatic accessories. This is a great way of following trends without spending a lot of money.

To view the full show, go here.


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