MADRID FASHION WEEK S/S 2013: Victorio & Lucchino

Victorio & Lucchino's Spring Summer 2013 collection is full of artful florals and light fabrics. I've been loving the different florals that are being reintroduced into fashion. The ones in this collection range from small Calico style, traditional English, Asian inspired, and painterly stylized appliques. Most of the cuts are free flowing, but there are a few more structured casual pant looks. The photos I've shared are my favorite looks from this collection, but if you want to see the full show, watch the video at the end of this post.

Of all these great pieces, my ultimate favorite are the 10th look with the floral wrap skirt and fitted t-shirt. With the bold florals and colors, using them on only a skirt, is a great way to tame them. The use of the neutral and classic top and shoes helps ground the bright skirt. I love skirts like this, and might make one inspired by it. My other favorite, is 12th look. It's the same concept in styling as the skirt. Using classic shoes and no jewelry lets the dress stand out and not overwhelm the wearer. I love the attention to detail on the dress. The polka dot lining is just as attractive as the floral print, and both compliment each other. Overall this collection mixes fabrics and prints wisely to create fun warm weather looks.

To see the full fashion show, go here.


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