LONDON FASHION WEEK S/S 2013: Mary Katrantzou

Have you ever looked at old stamps and wonder where they came from, what places they passes through, and admired their beauty? Mary Katrantzou's Spring Summer 2013 collection does just that. The prints are all inspired by postage stamps. The shapes make me think of an artsy person that goes to fabulous parties and discusses their fantasy vacations in such detail, that you imagine you went with them. I've selected this pieces to feature on my blog, but to see the full show, view the video at the bottom of the post. Of all these great fantasy pieces, my favorites are the 6th look which is a flowy halter dress with a deconstructed stamp print. It reminds me of a caftan, but the halter makes it less weighted. Dresses like this can be belted for figure definition, or left uncinched for an effortless look. This is great for many figures, and especially for pregnant women that need clothing that accommodates a growing belly. My other favorite is the 8th look. which has a similar shape. The print reminds me old hand written cursive letters and the edges of torn stamps. These designs remind me of the short time in which I did collect stamps as a kid, and makes me want to more often.

For footage from the full runway show, go here.

Or here.


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