Jason Wu's Spring Summer 2013 collection definitely has gothic and fetish influences. I love the mix of leathers with sheer fabrics, black with white or cream. There is a melon and a dark blue color in this collection, but in most pieces, I felt the color was out of place. I've noticed this shade of melon (as seen in the play suit) in several collection. In some it fits well, with lighter more cheerful clothing, but in this one, it didn't add anything good to the pieces. The only melon piece I liked was the playsuit. The dark blue was only slightly more successful. I thought it worked well in with the star like print of the next to last dress, which is has layers of printed sheer fabric. Of the many pieces in the collection, my favorite is that star print dress. I also like the first dress with the sheer panels mixed with the leather skirt and bralet sections. The tenth look with the tailored structure in cream, sheer black, and black leather fabrics. The black angled darts work well with the angles of the decolletage where the sheer and leather connect. Looking through the collection, I noticed these hat box like round purses. I have a few old hard purses that are similar to this. They are great for carrying projects in a stylish way.


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