MADRID FASHION WEEK S/S 2013: Guillermina Baeza

If you like a smidgen more coverage than the last swimwear collection, this this might be a better option for you. These Spring Summer 2013 collection from Guillermina Baeza, is vintage inspired. With ruffles, florals, and gingham abundant, this collection is very feminine. I love the choice of vintage swimsuit styles...the keyhole in the 2nd look, the high waisted bottom of the 6th look, the straight top halter of the 8th look, and the short skirt of the 12th look. Again, I don't have an ultimate favorite of this suit collection. They all have great details. The thing with swimsuits, is that you can only tell which ones are your true favorites based on fit when you try them on. What looks like a flattering cut and detail might be horrid once on. Ruffles aren't my friend, but I can't resist trying them on. I selected these looks as my favorites of the overall collection, but if you want to see the full collection, watch the video at the bottom of this post.

To see the full fashion show, go here


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