NYC FASHION WEEK S/S 2013: Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson is herself, fun, loud, and quirky. Her collections are always distinctly Betsey, so her mishmash of vintage and classic Betsey styles for her Spring Summer 2013 collection, speaks of her personal style. I own a lot of vintage Betsey Johnson clothing. My favorite pieces are from her 80s Punk Label and Betsey Lux collections. I recall a few years ago, she requested die hard fans send in their vintage Betsey pieces, to inspire future collections. I didn't do this, but I can clearly see from the collections since then, than many fans did.

This collection was a 70th birthday bash for herself, which included a performance by Cyndi Lauper. Betsey has been a fashion staple since the 1960s, and has consistently created beautiful and over the top kitchy fashions. She a huge the reason that pursued a degree in fashion design. Recently her company filled bankruptcy, shut down all of their boutiques, and restructured to do only wholesale and online. I'm glad to see my favorite designer is still going strong and bring her style to a wider range of people.

Of all these fun pieces, my favorites are the 12th look which is a classic cherry print dress that opens with a full row of snaps. I have several of her dresses in this cut, which is amazing on me. I wish I had it in this cherry print. It is my favorite print of hers. I have several dresses in this print, and a set of small travel bags. If This dress combines two of my favorite vintage/classic Betsey elements into one, which means I'm going to find a way to own this dress one how one day I'll find the skull print version for much cheaper than it is now. I wasn't aware that I could wear it with a crinoline, but now that I know that, I might wear it like that soon. My next favorite is the 18th look. The bright colors and styling make me want to go on a fun vacation. I don't wear as many bright colors as I once did, so wearing this would be a shock to most people who know me well...except my husband, who has seen 11 years of my style changes. I would wear this intense pants with a neutral top, because I love a pop of color, but too much of it overwhelms my small figure. I would look as crazy as this outfit is on the model. My next favorite is the 35th look. I love her cupcake tea party dresses, but this one is more toned down...even if it's hot pink with green ribbon details. Her party dresses are great for looking beautiful and feeling instantly fun. They are definitely for those who enjoy attention, and I'll admit, I do enjoy attention grabbing clothing. I love the bow detail along the bust and the trailing design around the dress. My last favorite is the 44th look, which is a frothy white strapless dress. This is a style of dress that I've wanted to own for years, but in black. In black it's a great Little Black Dress, for when you have a fancy party or dinner to go to. In white, it's a great unexpected wedding dress. I love that this collection has several wedding dress alternatives. I can imagine a great fun wedding with several Betsey Johnson dresses for the wedding party, and a Betsey wedding gown. That would instantly be a fantastic cheerful wedding...and a dress that you might wear again.

For the full show, go here.


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