Anna Sui's Spring Summer 2013 collection stayed true to her girly aesthetic. Her clothing is normally very feminine, but these have a tough girl vibe with the use of fishnet and lace mesh leggings and tops (possibly full body suits) paired with the skirts and dresses. I wouldn't style them like this, though I do love lacy stockings with dresses. The dresses are a mishmash of styles, which is probably many ladies' closets. Of all these girly dresses, my favorites are the 11th dress, which has a distinctly Japanese Lolita style. I love the fullness of the skirt with the tightness of the bust. The details are abundant and tastefully done. My other favorite dress is the 17th look. I love the length with the long petticoat. I love how the embroidery on what appears to be denim, coordinates with the ruffled petticoat color. This dress could be worn without the petticoat, but I feel that detail makes this dress a bit more special.


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