BEAUTY: Galaxy Eyes

I've enjoyed learning about space, admiring the night sky, and using glitter for many years. Recently there has been a trends in galaxy inspired fashion. This includes makeup resembling beautiful galaxies and glimmering stars. This is a look that is very shimmery and dramatic, but can be very wearable for special events and evenings out...or if you love dramatic makeup, any time of the day will be fine too. With dramatic eyes, I recommend a more neutral lip, unless it's a costume, then good for both if you would like. Here are some of my favorite inspirational photos in honor of space. Unfortunately, most of them have lost their owner credits while being passed around, but I will link back to the source (mostly Pinterest). Below the images are a few tutorials to show you how to achieve similar looks.


This look is by Itashley-makeup. I love the light turquoise blending into blue, purple, and a little hot pink. Reminds me of colorful nebulas.

This is Britney Spears. I think from what information I could gather it's an image from a promotion for "Circus", but the makeup has been digitally altered to create this galaxy effect. Either way, this is a very achievable look.

For this look, I love how the colors blend from blue on the lids fades into a deep purple and rose shade towards the brow bone. The touch of silver glitter on the lids, and black smudging under the eyes adds to the drama.

This is a bit of a reverse, with the pop of pinky purple on the center of the lids. The other colors blend out around the pink. There is a dash of glitter and a nice navy liner to compliment the beautiful galaxy inspired look.

This black and blue glittery eye is something that I'm more likely to wear just because or for a League of Space Pirates show.

This is packed full of drama. It's as if she's made of star dust herself.


This Pink Galaxy Party Eye Makeup by Amysass7 uses pink, black, and silver to create her shimmery galaxy eyes.

This Galaxy Eyes look from LilPumpkinPie05 is full of glitter. The image looks difficult to do, but she explains it well and once you see how the glitters are applied, it all makes sense!

This Galaxy Makeup by Kung Suay Jung is full of colorful drama and shimmer. It has a few stars too. If you want to add obvious stars, you can either copy her by using white eyeliner, or you can use small stones or glitter.


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