AZURAFAE: Jennifer's Wedding Veil

Two of my friends got married yesterday, by another friend of ours. For this special ceremony, Jennifer, wanted me to make her veil. This is something I love doing for friends. Her veil was a different style than I've done before, but I love a challenge. Trying different styles also means my skills improve. Jennifer is vegan, so for the feathers she wanted to use cruelty free ones. For that, she choose to use ones from her own chickens, that they had naturally dropped. I washed them carefully one at a time with basic baby shampoo, and shaped them nicely. I patted them with paper towels and let them finish air drying. This didn't take long, and again I learned a new skill. The construction...well that's my secret. Some of the other materials (ones you can see) are Russian netting for the actual veil, silk dupion for the base and other bits, and a lace applique. The veil comes across her face to the other side. There are two clips under the base, to securely attach it to her hair. The free part of the veil (one side is sewn to the base) was later attached to her hair with bobby pins.

 This is Jennifer being married to our friend Nathan. 

If you look closely, you might notice the person marrying them is Noah Scalin. He had a super power for one day, and one time use. He used it wisely.

After the wedding ceremony, and the professional photo session in the barn, Jennifer let me take photos of the hair piece on her.


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