BEAUTY: Black Lips with Tutorial

I love dramatic eyes as much as I love dramatic lips. To me, dramatic lips can be easier to achieve than eyes. Many times, they require less products and are easier to correct if not precisely applied the first time. The easiest dramatic lip to apply is a solid color one. We are all familiar with the drama of the perfect red lip, but if you are a love of darker looks, then you also want to perfect a black lip. If black is too dark for you, a dark red or purple lips looks great too with darker mysterious looks.

I looked for a good video tutorial for applying long lasting black lips, but all of the tutorials were missing key steps, or treated the concept of a black lips as a "Halloween only" sort of look. Because of that, below the inspiration photos, I'll provide a short tutorial. I haven't taken photos of each step, but if you are familiar with applying lip liner, lipstick, and lip gloss, you can easily follow the steps without accompanying photos. Black lipstick tends to come in drying matte formulas, so a lip gloss is needed. A shiny black lip is my favorite version of this look, but if you leave off the lip gloss, you can have a matte lip. My inspiration photos are of the glossy variety of black lip, as I find that the most attractive, and most comfortable to wear.


I could not find the original source for most of these photos, so those photo's sources link back to Pinterest. If you know the real sources, please tell me, and I'll gladly credit the creators.

These black shimmery lips were done by Julie Begin.


For the best long lasting black lips, I recommend using products formulated for lips, vs. a mix of eye makeup and lip makeup.
  • Black lip liner by NYX - Black lip liners are rare, but this one is inexpensive and made for lips. This replaces eyeliner pencils which are often used for black lips
  • Black lipstick in Penelope by NYX - There are other black lipsticks, but this one is available year round...vs. just at Halloween
  • Rimmel London's Stay Glossy lip gloss in Black Diva or a clear lipgloss - For shiny moist lips
  • Translucent Face Powder - Any brand will do fine
  • Concealer that matches your skin - To fix any lip product application mistakes on your skin
  • A lip brush
  • A tissue or piece of toilet paper
  • A powder puff - I prefer the fabric vs. fur sort. A small cheap one will do nicely, as it will get black lipstick on it when using it
  • A small concealer brush
  • A makeup sponge
  • (optional) Lip primer - Lip primers fill in the creases of your lips. There are a few good brands... Urban Decay, MAC, and Too Faced


1) Start with soft kissable lips. These are easy to achieve. This video show three simple methods to achieve exfoliate your lips. You lip products will look better over exfoliated soft lips. Also, your lips might appear fuller...and more kissable.

2) Lip primers are optional, because some can dry out your lips and not all of them help keep your lipstick on longer like they are supposed to. The 1st step should soften the lines of your lips too, by removing dead skin. I've never used a lip primer, but there are many YouTube video reviews on the 3 brands I mentioned. Should you decide to use one, you would apply it to your lips straight from the tube, like you would chap stick.

3) With the black lip liner, carefully outline your top and bottom lips, following your natural lip shape. You can extend this line if wanted, but I've never had any success with doing that. After you've lined your lips, fill in your lips with the black lip pencil. Use the lip brush to blend lip pencil and push the pigment into the crevices of your lips.

4) Use the lip brush to pick up black lipstick from the stick and apply it carefully to you lips. Make sure the coat of lipstick is even.

5) Fold over the tissue or piece of toilet paper, place it between your lips, and press your lips together. This is how you blot your lips. This takes off any excess lipstick, for the next step.

6) Using the powder puff, dip it into the loose powder and tap off into the container, or rub it on the pressed powder. Press the powdered puff onto your lips. Dust off any excess powder, with your fingers. 

7) Use the lip brush to apply another even layer of black lipstick to your lips.

8) If there are any mistakes with your application during any of the above steps, this is the time to clean up the skin edge of your lips with a small concealer brush and concealer that matches your lips. Pick up the concealer product with your small concealer brush. Carefully apply the product around the skin edge of your lips, covering any mistakes and defining your lip shape. Make sure the product is blended well into the skin beyond your lip edge, so it's not obvious you are wear the concealer around your lips. 

9) Set the concealer with a clean or your normal powder puff and your translucent powder.

10) Apply the black or clear lip gloss to your lips using the applicator it comes with. Be careful not to go beyond the edge of your lips. The powdering of your lips can dry them out a bit, but the lip gloss will moisten them again, and provide a beautiful shine.

Keep your black lipstick, black or clear lip gloss, and a small travel lip brush (mine has a hard cap for it) with you while wearing this look. While this style of application will keep your lip color on for a long time, if you eat or drink while wearing it, you might have some normal wear around the inner edge of your lips. Touch ups will be easy.

The above steps are ones I use for most lipsticks, changing the colors based on what color of lipstick I want to wear.


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