LoSP: DIY Weapon Holster Garter

While Alex was on Spring break, I wasn't as productive as I wanted to be, but I did get a couple items finish for my League of Space Pirates (our band), character Chroma's costumes. I wear a garter while performing, to keep small prop weapons like a knife and gun tucked away. I use them for a fight scene during a song, so it's useful to have them strapped to me. However, standard garters are too lacy and won't hold multiple props in them. I decided to create a simple garter with sections to securely hold several prop weapons. The one I created will hold a knife, a small gun, and two silver bullets. In case you are wondering, all the weapons were color modded by me using paint. The pink you see on the gun is glow in the dark paint.

Though this isn't a garter that many people would use, it is a neat way of showing how to take a basic garter and alter it for a specific use. I could see this being altered by having a small velcro or zipper closure pouch for money and an ID instead of prop holding sections. That would be very nice for visiting clubs and bars where you don't want to carry a purse.

I think this was very easy to do, but I have a harder time explaining it, so bear with me while reading the steps.

I also made a Thigh Chain Garter, inspired by my previous post about them. I wrote a separate tutorial for the Thigh Chain Garter shown in two photos. I intend on wearing the two garters as photographed.

Thigh Chain and Weapons Holster Garters

A side view of the Weapons Holster Garter, so you can see the bullets.

A flat view of the same garter, so you can see the sections better.


  • Black 1.5" wide elastic - This wideness is what I had, but it's a great width for this sort of garter. It stays put well and doesn't roll like smaller widths could
  • Black thread - Thread color choice to match elastic color
  • Hand sewing needle (optional) - I used a sewing machine, but this can be hand sewn too
  • Sewing Machine (optional) - Same as above...


1) I took a black 1.5" wide piece of elastic and wrapped it around my thigh close to my crotch. I pulled it slightly tight, so after it was sewn, it would stay up on my thigh. I added 2 inches, for a secure overlap for sewing, and cut the elastic at that measurement.

2) I removed the elastic from my thigh and set the remaining elastic to the side. I held the fitted piece of elastic up to the remaining elastic and cut the remainder to match...so I would have matching lengths for both garters. I had a 6" short piece left over, which I will use later for the this garter. If you have larger thighs, you might need more than 1 pack of elastic, and will need to cut this separator strip, vs having it as a remainder. If you have smaller thighs, you might need to cut down the left over elastic piece to 6". I set the remaining long piece aside for the Thigh Chain Garter.

3) I overlapped the ends by 2 inches and pinned it. I took the piece to my sewing machine and stitched across the top, down a side of the overlap, across the bottom and up the last side, to secure the overlap. Then I sewed an X in the center from overlap points, for more security. I zig zagged stitched over the raw edges of the overlapped pieces. This because there will be friction against the overlap when the props are put in and pulled out of the separator piece. This will make more sense in the next step.

The overlap doesn't need to be stretchy. The rest of the unsewn band will be stretchy. If you don't have a sewing machine, this step can also be done with a needle and thread by hand sewing it. I find using the machine is a faster and stronger sewing method than hand sewing, for securing the elastic band overlap. Set this finished band aside.

4) Taking the remaining small piece, find the center and place a straight pin into the elastic at that point. My small piece is about 6 inches long.

5) Pick up the elastic band you finished, and find the center of the band at the overlap. You will be covering the overlap with the small piece of elastic. Lay the small piece on top of the band at the overlap, matching up the centers. Pin securely together.

6) I used a sewing machine for this step, because it was easier and more secure. I divided the strip area into thirds, to start. I triple stitched a straight line (like back stitching, but for the whole width) at the 1/3rd and 2/3rd mark. I also triple stitched a straight line at the beginning and end of the stripe. I zig zag stitched the raw ends of the small strip. This creates three semi even sections. I triple stitched in the middle of the last third section, so I had two smaller sections for the bullets.

Since the elastic is very stretchy, making the sections flat helps hold the props in tightly. If you had a particular small prop in mind, you could measure out your sections, so they would fit the item. The center section of my garter is the widest, so I stuck the gun there. The left is the middle sized one, which fit the knife nicely. I tested the right one to fit two bullets before I decided to split that section to snugly secure the bullets.

That's it! This garter is MUCH SIMPLER than the chain version.


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