ACCESSORIES: DIY Thigh Chain Garters

Recently, I've been researching costumes for our band League of Space Pirates. I came across a thigh chain, and I'm enamored with them. Since the chain is draped, they work well with many different sized legs. You have to keep in mind what length of chain would drape nicely and make wearing it easy. Loose chain works well, since tight would restrict blood flow and create skin ripples...just more comfortable all around. The thigh chains are great alone with classy shorts or a nice mini skirt. They look great worn over black leggings or tights too, which makes the chain color pop. This is a great way to recycle old chain jewelry, or use up some of your chain stash. Adding the chain can also jazz up a garter band for a bride. What ever way you wear it, the thigh chain is a great way of adding a bit of glitz to your legs. Here are some great DIY versions, and some other finished pieces for inspiration.

Kate of This Is What I Do, created both a written, with photographs tutorial and a video tutorial to make this simple thigh chain.

Tasha Lala made a more intricate thigh chain, using similar construction techniques.

Now that you've learned the basics of making a thigh chain garter, here are some intricate creations for inspiration. You could easily use beads, rhinestones, or various colors of chain to make your own version.

Prey Jewelry - Spiderweb Thigh Chain Garter
I love this spooky version. Spider webs are very delicate and intricate, so of course this design is a great way to show off a pair of great legs.

Since the large amount of chain would make this leg chain heavy, having it stabilized with a chain around the hips is a great solution. This draped chain leg could be worn over tights or leggings, if you wanted to hide the waist chain.

Black Milk - "Gold Cages" Leggings
The chains are attached to the leggings with fabric loops. This is a great way to get the look in a more structured way.


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