ACCESSORIES: DIY Fabric Knotted Bead Necklaces

Many years ago, I saw a basic tutorial (I forget where) on making a necklace with large knots between beads encased in fabric. I altered the basic design and made one out of black mesh with large beads. It has stitching and wire wrapping in between the beads. Mine has a lobster clasp and chain closure. Today, I decided I liked that project so much, that I would look for variations on it.

This Dupioni Silk Necklace Tutorial by Possibilities are Endless is very similar visually to the one I made. This one has a strand of seed beads overlapping the fabric wrapped beads, and a fabric tie closure.

For the basic necklace, here is a Bead and Knot Fabric Necklace Tutorial by See Kate Sew. These necklaces can be made with any fabric. It's great for using up fabric scraps, left over beads from old projects, and ribbon pieces. The basic necklace uses long strips of fabric and doesn't require much sewing. Only the ribbon is sewed onto the ends of the fabric, which takes only basic sewing to do. This project is great for kids to adults.

Should you learn better with a video, here is a great one that shows you how to make a basic fabric knotted bead necklace. This one uses a silk scarf, but any nice fabric will do. Prints are great for this, because they are distorted by the twisting and knotting of the fabric. This tutorial also goes over using different bead and how they affect the weight of the finial necklace.

If you would rather make a precise casing to fit your beads, this Knotted Necklace Tutorial by Sugar Bee Crafts, shows you how to make one on a sewing machine. The rest of the steps are similar to the basic necklace tutorials above. Instead of adding ribbon ties, the necklace fabric is used by creating a long casing before adding beads and knotting.

Once again, if you prefer learning by video, this is a great video tutorial on making a similar necklace using a sewn casing.

If you don't like the knots, this Fabric Covered Bead Bracelet by Tea Rose Home, uses a simple method for separating your beads using wrapped and stitched embroidery. Basic sewing skills are needed. She made this into bracelet, using different sized beads, but you could make a necklace by using a longer strip of fabric and more beads.

This A Beaded Fabric Flower Necklace Tutorial by Pretty Ditty is very similar to the above bracelet, but has fabric rosettes as an embellishment and uses a solid black fabric vs. a printed fabric. The rosettes are another great use of fabric scraps.

If you have smaller scraps, and like more complicated designs, try this Louis Vuitton "Knock Off" Fabric Bead Necklace by Froo Gal. Instead of knotted fabric, these beads are covered individually in small pieces of fabric (with a little help of glue...wood bead would be great for this), then threaded onto a piece of twill tape or ribbon. This necklace has a toggle closure, but a spring clasp or just tying the ribbon will also work as a closure.

That's it for now. Fairly easy to do. With these creative tutorials, I'm sure you could come up with your own variation. Happy makery!


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