FASHION: Vintage Mexican Skirts

I hit 100 blog fans today, so to celebrate a bit, I'm going to let you in on something I plan on making soon. I plan on making a skirt inspired by vintage Mexican skirts. These skirts from the 1950s are hand painted and beaded circle skirts with Mexican scenes on them. They were popular as tourist items. Though I chose black skirts as my inspiration, these do come in white too. I tend to wear more black and wanted the bright paints and embellishments to pop against a black background. Due to the hand made nature of these skirts, they are expensive to purchase a real one, so I'm making my own.

My project will have THREE TUTORIALS! That is a 1st for me! There will be a tutorial for making a circle skirt, one for hand painting on fabric, and one for embellishing fabric by hand sewing sequins and beading. I paint, bead, and sequin fabric often, but I haven't made a circle skirt in years. I love them because they twirl so nicely. The design will be in conjunction with a  Skull-A-DayDia de la Abby post. That means it will have skulls...and because it's me we're talking I'll have to play with the design when sketching it out, because I want to make some skeletons with musical instruments similar to some papel picado designs I found years ago.

Ok, so enough talking (writing?), you came here for photos. Here are some skirts that will inspired my design. They are all available for purchase on Etsy. Follow the individual links to be taken to the related listing.

This skirt is hand painted and sequined with images of Aztec Goddesses. I love the colors and all over polka dot pattern.

This skirt is black velvet and has Mexican workers painted on it with sequin embellishments.

This skirt depicts matadors and bulls. There are cactus like plants around the back of it. The scene is hand painted and heavily sequined on black velvet.

This skirt is black cotton with a hand painted flower design. 

This skirt is hand painted in metallics and depicts a Mexican village scene.

This skirt is black velvet with a hand painted and beaded scene of a Mexican village.


  1. Those are so beautiful! I can't wait for the tutorial!

    1. Thanks! It will take me a few weeks to finish the skirt and tutorials, but the wait will be worth it.

  2. Hi! Did you ever make the tutorials for the Mexican circle skirt?

    1. If I recall correctly, it was a failed project. However, one I'll try again eventually.


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