ACCESSORIES: DIY Beaded and Wrapped Bracelets

Lately, I've noticed many bracelets made with embroidery floss, using various techniques that stray from the traditional friendship bracelet. Embroidery floss is an inexpensive multi-strand thread that comes in a huge array of colors. I still have a packed rainbow assorted box that my aunt gave me when I was a teenager. I've yet to use up all the colors, but I've replaced some colors and made many embroidered projects since then. Today, we're going to look at various colorful bracelets that use embroidery floss. Like always, let's start with something basic and go into harder (but not too hard) bracelet designs.

Maya Murillo
 (Maya in the Moment) shows us how to make Stiffened Embroidery Floss Bracelets, on I Love to Create. I like this simple way of making a finished bracelet using just embroidery floss and a stiffener.

This Color Wrapped Bracelet by I Spy DIY is a great way to use up embroidery floss left overs from past projects. They use leather cord as the base for wrapping the embroidery floss around, and as the closure with a button.

While you have your leather cord and embroidery floss out, lets add some beads. At Flax & Twine, Anne Weil made A Bead, Thread, and Leather Bracelet. Before wrapping, Anne strung beads onto the embroidery floss. Large seed beads are great for this bracelet, but any small bead with a hole large enough for the embroidery floss, will work.

Mary & Patch made these bracelets by using simple half knots over existing metal bangles.
If you have some old thin bangle bracelets, this is a great way to revamp them. These DIY Pearly and Colorful Bracelets by Heodeza show us how to add a pearl beads strand to a basic bracelet, with embroidery floss.

This wrapping technique can also be used with rhinestones. On Gave That, they show how to make Crystal Bangle Bracelets by attaching rhinestones to a simple bangle, using embroidery floss.

If you are like many people, and a bangle won't fit over your hand, then this softer bracelet might be a better fit. Ashley Weeks Cart of Blog a la Cart made a Beaded Bracelet by crocheting with embroidery floss that had beads strung on it. Again, you can use seed beads (which nestle nicely between the crochet stitches) or any small bead with a hole larger enough to be strung on the embroidery floss.
If you have a chain bracelet, you can update that too. Erica of Honestly...WTF made a Woven Chain Bracelet by braiding embroidery floss into a chain bracelet.

This Lanyard Double Chain Bracelet by Studs and Pearls could easily be done with embroidery floss instead of plastic lanyard, for a softer look. You can use two matching chain bracelets, an old chain necklace, or regular craft chain for this project. It's a great way to use chain in an unusual way.

For something a bit more traditional, Erica of Honestly...WTF shows us how to make a chevron friendship bracelet. She even includes a rhinestone decorated on, where she has sewn a short strand to the top of a finished friendship bracelet.


  1. Thank you so much for including my crystal bangle bracelet project in your lovely post!! Very honored and I'm going to look at all the other DIY's as well. Have a great weekend and week, M

    1. You are very welcome. I want to make them all. I love your rhinestone crystal idea!

  2. Thank you so much for the link to the chevron bracelet I've been looking for a decent tutorial for this bracelet for weeks my boyfriend has been wanting me to make him one for ages, really pleased with the result can't thank you enough

    1. You are very welcome. Erica always has fantastic tutorials. Consider following her for more tutorials.


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