AZURAFAE: Green, Purple, White, Grey, and Black Hair Flowers

Yesterday, I finished making new listings in my Etsy shop, Azurafae. Here are the green, purple, white, grey, and black flower clips. I've made separate posts for the remainder of the flowers and the leaf clips. Many of them are last of or one of a kind (OOAK) hair clips. There is a rainbow of colors (except blue, which I will add soon) and neutrals. Some of them are hand painted. Many of them have fancier beading. They are all hand sewn using millinery techniques, so they are very durable. They all have sturdy alligator clips on the back. Alligator clips stay well in a variety of hair types. I have thin hair and the clips stay put well.

Olive Green Peony

Green Glitter Carnation

Green Daisy with Button Center

Purple Spider Daisy

Purple Peony

Purple Dahlia

Purple Dahlia

White Magnolia

White Mum

Medium Grey and Silver Glitter Peony

Dark Grey and Silver Glitter Peony 

Black Glitter Peony 


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