New Tattoo! A Luna Moth!

Today I visited Amy at Trademark Tattoos to get a Luna Moth started on my chest piece. We will finish the color in a second session in 2 weeks. It's the more colorful companion to my female Tiger Swallowtail, that is my first tattoo. Here are some progress photos for this new tattoo. I also included one of my last tattoo, since I didn't post photos of that one. It's based off Noah Scalin's "Quoth the Skull" cut paper artwork.

They are on my chest. They will eventually have vines, flowers, and leaves... and maybe a caterpillar and cocoon... around them to finish the chest piece.

My left arm tattoo. This has a lot of meaning. The skull represents my appreciation for our own mortality and my ancestors. The raven represents Edgar Allan Poe's (my favorite poet) poem "The Raven" (as does the "NEVERMORE" banner), my love of carrion birds, and my appreciation for the cycle of life. It also represents the story for how I eventually became involved with Skull-A-Day. I'll tell you it one day, if we ever meet and you ask...though if you hunt on Skull-A-Day, you can find part of it.


  1. Looks fantastic! Can't wait to see the finished version.

    1. Thanks! I'm very happy with how it looks so far. We changed my healing method too, sticking with just light lotion. The ointment is too heavy for my skin. It feels great so far.


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