Skull-A-Day 5.0 - Tutorial - Dia de la Abby: #68 Confetti Skull

Since New Years Eve is Saturday, I felt the need to make a sparkly skull with confetti. I used the rough cut confetti, vs the kind that is stamp cut into defined shapes (balloons, hats, stars, etc.). This was a fairly easy (but messy) project that can be used to create any shape. My daughter used a similar technique with cut up tissue paper to create a snowman, cat and snow flake. I'll include her finished photos at the bottom.


  • Confetti - I bought a big bag of rough cut confetti. A smaller bag would have worked too...
  • Modge Podge - To adhere the confetti to the paper. Tacky Glue would probably work well too. I used Modge Podge Lustre, which is very shiny. This is good, so the confetti is sealed and maintains it's shine.
  • Old Medium Size Paint Brush - You want one that still has decent bristles, but don't freak out if you can't wash all the glue out of it after using it
  • Cardstock - I used black, so it was less obvious where confetti might be missing
  • White Colored Pencil - To lightly draw out your design before applying the glue and confetti
  • Container with Lid - To pour some of the confetti into. This will help to keep the area neat
  • Wax Paper - To protect your work surface and help with pouring excess confetti back into the container


1) Prep you work space. Lay the wax paper down. Make sure the piece is big enough to fit under your paper and a bit extra, to catch falling/flying confetti. Pour some of the confetti into a small container. Pour some of the Modge Podge into a small cup. The confetti will stick to your brush as you are working with it, so it's better to contaminate a small cup than your whole jar of Modge Podge.

2) With the white colored pencil, light draw your design on the black paper.

3) Within the design area, apply the glue to the paper in small area (about 1 inch by 1 inch). The glue dries quickly, so you want to work fast and in small sections.

4) Sprinkle small amounts of confetti onto the glue areas. Press down with fingers if needed. This is the messy part, since glue is sticky and confetti is clingy.

5) Keep doing steps 2 and 3 until the design is filled in. It won't be perfect, but you'll be adding a second layer eventually. You will probably still see black gaps of paper (the shiny black areas) Let this layer dry for a few hours.

6) Gently tap the paper, so the loose confetti will fall onto the wax paper covered work surface. Fold the wax paper in half, so the loose confetti slides to the center where the fold is. Carefully pour the loose confetti back into the container.

7) After the first layer is dry, carefully put Modge Podge and confetti on top of the first layer. You will be using steps 2 and 3 again to apply the second layer on top of the first layer.

8) Let the piece dry for a few more hours.

9) Apply the Modge Podge on top of the confetti. Modge Podge acts as a glue and a sealer. This layer of only Modge Podge will seal in any loose confetti and give the piece an even gloss.

10) I recommend using a normal frame for this vs a shadow box one. This will keep the confetti from falling, should any confetti stop adhering to the paper. Mine size paper fits into an album frame. I bought it because it did...for my 1st Skull-A-Day project. It's come in handy for a few more projects since then.

Alex's Designs:
She used cut up pieces of tissue paper, Elmer's white glue, a bigger old brush, a pencil, and sketch book paper to make hers. Tissue paper is probably easier for kids to work with than the confetti. Since you will probably have a lot of confetti left over from your project, definitely let the kids try to work with it too.





  1. Hi abby I just found your link on skull a day.
    Wow great to see your tutorials, I will definitely come back several times to get some inspiration when needed (i'm now a follower too). I just started my own 365 days project (day 18 of in Dutch ánd English) going to be creative in many ways, took an easy start but over the year I will challenge myself more and more. I love Angels but I do like skulls too. I'm a big lover of gemstones and bought my husband a skull out of Tiger's-eye in dec 2009 and since them I'm sold, made a couple of ones myself out of resin (orgonite and with gemstones in them). So thanks for sharing and who knows maybe you will be my follower too. Lots of greetings from the Netherlands from Susan

  2. I'm glad you found both of the blogs. They are a labor of love. The beauty of a 365 project is that you make up the rules and what you want to make. I love creative projects, so I'm following yours now too.


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