5.0 - Dia de la Abby: #66 Skeleton Family Portrait

Cross posted from my Skull-A-Day post.

I wanted to make a new family portrait, using ink pens and watercolor paints.

I wanted to combined my old drawing skills with my still fairly new painting skills. I like using watercolor, because it blends nicely and correcting mistakes is easier than acrylic. However, it's tricky because you can remove too much color from areas if the brush it too wet, or lay on too much color if the brush is too dry. After drawing this, I plan on making this sweater for my husband. He loves sweater vests. This updated version would suit both his style and morbid likes. The print on my skirt is of red flowers similar to a mum. My daughter's skirt has a large spider web and her shirt has spider buttons. I love using small details in my drawings. I think that's what makes them more interesting to make and look at.


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