Blog Revamp and Update

I revamped the content on the side bars and changed some tabs at the top. Feel free to look around. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

I'll update you all on projects I've been working on, soon. I recently joined League of Space Pirates as a back up singer, costume designer and story character. I'll update you with costume work (there is a lot) and gig info.

Since the major holidays are coming up soon, I'll probably do a few craft round ups for you. I've been using Pinterest a lot to round up some great crafts, so I might make a few posts...we will see. Feel free to follow any of my boards. I'll probably follow some of yours too.

I will try to take photos of Christmas gifts I've made for this year. I'm awful at doing that. I'm making a larger version of a Twinkie Chan pattern for a you know that involves something cute and food related.

I just finished my 365 project My Daily Nature Photos. I'm working on making a calendar and a book as a gifts for family. However, I will have prints, the book and the calendar available for purchase when they are ready. Just in time for holiday shopping.

There are lots of new hair accessories available for sale in my Etsy shop. I make everything in small batches, so when it's gone, it's gone. Prices are very affordable. I'll have a coupon starting on Cyber Monday (November 28) and up for a week. Check my Facebook page and Google+ page for updates and to get the coupon code.

I can't think of anything else to update you on a the moment.

~ Abby


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