Welcome Countdown to Halloween visitors!

Welcome everyone to my 3rd year with Countdown to Halloween. This year, I will be focusing on costumes and creating one a day using Polyvore. This is different than how I've put them together in the past. This gives you a general idea of how to put together a look and not so focused on where to purchase items...unless you have some HUGE budget, which most of us don't. If you have any costume type suggestions or need some help putting yours together, leave me a comment below or on any of the posts. I'll do my best to help you transform this Halloween!

I'll make FOUR Skull-A-Day related tutorials (one a week) and post those on Thursday to coordinate with my Dia de la Abby post.

For other tutorials by other people, head over to my Facebook page. I'll be posting them at least daily to get you in the mood! All sorts of good stuff...crafts, food, costume accessories, and what ever I think it good to share. I'll also post some past Dia de la Abby projects that are perfect for Halloween...or in my house, any time of the year.

Have a great month everyone!



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