Skull-A-Day 5.0 - #56 Russian Matryoshka Skull Dolls

I've been wanting to make my own skull version of Russian Matryoshka Dolls and was delighted that I found a blank (unpainted) set on Etsy. I used acrylic paint and a fine tip drawing pen to decorate these nesting dolls. I made them to go with how my family is. I added a kitten, because we don't have another pet or a baby. A kitten is the only likely addition in the future, to our family. The size of the dolls goes from 4" to 1". They are nesting dolls, which means that all of the dolls, but the smallest, opens up to contain a smaller doll. This post is photo heavy, so you can see the details.

For scale, John, me, Alex, Pippi and a kitten.






UPDATE: Shortly after making this, I adopted a black and white kitty from Noah and Jessica. Guess I was predicting the completion of our current family. Sophie is shorter than Pippi...funny how that works out.


  1. These turned out great! I never would have thought of doing this to a set of nesting dolls. Very creative idea.

  2. Thanks! I love them too. If you do a Google and Etsy search for "nesting dolls", you should see a lot of neat ideas. Besides the ones I made, there is a robot set that is very cool.


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